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As Freedom Giants of the Tertiary Anatomy, we are made for more. We have to learn to be focused on our reason for being in school and work on that vision. There’s an assignment ahead of us; to become national assets in our societies. We must work towards fulfilling this vision.
At lectures, in our halls, hostels and at get togethers, our philosophies must be that of Relentlessness. We must strategically tune our mind towards making use of every atmosphere to grab the knowledge we need for the solidification of a Democratically Free society. Nelson Mandela once said that after climbing a hill, one only finds out that, ther are many more hills to climb. We must remain Relentless about that and keep on fighting the battle for the change we need to see.

As Freedom Giants, we are soldiers! Soldiers fighting for the land. We do not just correlate with anything. We do not correlate with any policy. No! We refine the systems. We ensure that inordinate systems are ratified and Democratically oriented policies are pushed.
Freedom Giants, the debilitating schemes of Oppressors will never end. We as Freedom Giants must stand tall as unbiased leaders, all the time. Oppressors are aware of the rights all sundry must enjoy. Their schemes are to prevent everyone from standing tall. We as Freedom Giants must never give in. We must never settle for less, but make sure we fight for the rights of all sundry.
We must be Relentless Freedom Giants. We are made for the best. So we have to work for the best. We do not have to accommodate mediocre rewards at the end of the day. We are made for a reason. Wherever we are, we must stand tall. We must push forward. We must sit up. We must stand tall and be the Pioneers of change in the Academic City.

We must be on purpose at all times. All our directions must be headed towards the fulfillment of our purpose. We must never look back. We must go higher. We are made for the best. That is who we are. We must fight and protect Freedom. Freedom must be the hallmark of our lives. We must be a reflection of Freedom. We must never resent back in our road to pursuing Freedom. We must remain Relentless. We are the carriers of the future. We must remain bold and determined to achieve Giant feats, all for the purpose of promoting Democratic and Political Freedom.

In the end, oppressors will sink because of their shaky paths and their own partners will also dissolve them. But as Freedom Giants, we will always stand tall when we walk by th codes of Democratic Freedom. We must never be friendly towards oppressors. We must fight for our rights in the Dark Room and never be relaxed in the upper as well. We must always be Relentless.
We carry a Vision and we must hold on to that. We must work on who we must become. It just does not happen like that. No! We have to work on it. The future just not just that happen like that. It is not about just going to school, and coming out as a Graduate. No! It is about working on your skills and sharpening your abilities. We must improve you what we are capable to do, to emancipate the society. That must be our lives.
We must be Relentless about the future we want. We must believe in ourselves, that we can make it happen. Our Freedom is our Security and we must put in our all, to fight for it. Let us terraform the future. Let us end all Injustices. We are made for this. Let us Revolutionize the Global Anatomy. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy. Let us Change the Global Anatomy. We are Masterpieces. We are Changemakers. We are Pioneers. We are Pacesetters. Let us make it happen.

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