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We are Freedom Giants!


What We Care For!


AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is a Socio Political Registered Organisation, that works towards the Promotion of Democracy, for the sustenance of Freedom in Africa. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL (AVI) believes strongly that Africa is the Center of Freedom in the world, and Africans are to be treated with great dignity.


1. To Serve as an anchor for Good Governance in Africa.
2. To Promote Pan Africanism amongst the African Race, in and outside of Africa.
3. To Promote Nationalism and Patriotism of all African Citizens in their respective countries, in Africa.
4. To promote the Youth as Active Stakeholders in National Development and Decision Making, in Africa and the world.
5. To Promote Peace, Unity and Solidarity amongst African Countries.
6. To encourage the youth of Africa to engage in Decent Politics, to segmentate the corrupt ones from the true Nation Builders, for the Development of Africa


Isaac Kwabena Boadu
President  🇬🇭

Emmanuel Atiglah
Vice President 🇬🇭

Hape Collins Mothebe 
Mentorship Commission Head 🇱🇸

Angela Iwasen
Human Resource Manager 🇳🇬

Mary Mireku
Organising Secretary 🇬🇭

Gideon Apronti
Welfare Director 🇬🇭

Leftist Igbinomwanhia
Public Relations Officer 🇳🇬

Samuel Binen
Public Relations Officer 🇺🇬

Word From Freedom Legends

We Africans have come a long way, from the simple communal style of living to the different political styles of rulings we have now adopted. Although we claim to use the Democratic style of ruling it is actually more of an autocratic style. Democracy is based on the choice of the people by the people with equitable division of resources which unfortunately was practiced more during our Monachial dynasties of the past. The current style of ruling benefits the “haves” more than the “have nots” which promotes the drive for greed in the hearts of weak men that unfortunately are now in the positions of power. This does not pay the majority of the people being ruled and therefore our political system needs to be overhauled and re-examined for necessary corrections.

-Freedom Legend Halima Halliru  🇳🇬

It is not the lack of leaders that retards the development of Africa neither is it the lack of resources. It is the lack of the rightness in attitudes of leaders that banes us from achieving the Africa we want.

– Freedom Legend Dzifanu Pidio Kwame 🇬🇭
(Most Phenomenal Freedom Giant of the Year; 2020)