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It is time for all Freedom Giants to take Action. We have to take Positive Action in order to enable the kind of change, we want to see in Africa, happen. We must invigorate in upcoming youths the need for Change. The African Anatomy has been filled with so much intoxications that people feel okay to accommodate the ill led ways of doing things for fear of death, mockery or marking. We have been kept in a pit even though we profess to be a people of Freedom.

There are so many things that have kept us in such an ambience and as Freedom Giants, we must speak out to be able to protect the sword of Freedom we have reclaimed. As Freedom Giants, we must Stand up. If we don’t Stand up, there’s no way, the message we are carrying can be seen. We must Stand Up as Freedom Giants. This involves we being distinct and unique in our way and manner of carrying things. We must proclaim the message of Freedom, everyday that at no time does anyone have a question about what we resonate with. We must at all times walk with the Analogies for Democratic and Political Freedom.

If we do not take action now, the problems will continue to solidify. The Evolution we want to see must can only be seen if we stand up right now. That’s one of the proactive steps we can carry if we really believe in who we are




Freedom Giants are phenomenal. The phenomenality of Freedom Giants is what makes them exceptional. Freedom Giants Stand Tall all the time, Stand Alone when the masses are undemocratic and stand unitedly as an Anatomy, who work interdependently with each other as National Anatomies and as individuals.

Freedom Giants are known as Masterpieces because of how exceptional they are. Every Freedom Giant is a Pacesetter, a Gamechanger or a Changemaker, a Radicalist, a Masterpiece, a Trailblazing Survivor and/or a Revolutionist.

Generals are Ambassadors in AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL who denote the concept and philosophy of how Freedom Giants should be solidified in the right direction. Freedom Legends give a reflection of the dynamic and compromise modus operandi of Freedom Giants.

Chief Executive Officers and all Executives of various National Anatomies who corroborate with The President in working daily do not just stay in their positions but are phenomenal Freedom Giants who also denote the Freedom we all need. Executives who fail to perform are eschewed. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL Stands Tall at all times because we all function as Freedom Giants. We do not look down at each other. In all our Rankings, we all function as an Anatomy of Freedom Giants.




The African Anatomy refers to the collective Unification and Amalgamation of all African tribes both within the continent ans in the Diaspora as one state. The African Anatomy is an identity and a reflection of our persona as an African State. It is in this light that we must hold our identity proactively for The Transformation of The Global Anatomy.

The African Anatomy is void of segmentations and divisionism. Africa has been disunited for long. Africa has been in shambles. Africa has been polluted. It is in this reason why we are in an economic mess. It is in this reason why there is low productivity in our continent. We need to see ourselves as an Anatomy connected together by Peace, Unity, Love and Tranquility. That is how we can fight the battle.

Dr. Nkrumah once said, a state in the grip of neo-colonialism is not a Master of its own destiny. This is very factual. We cannot be controlled by foreign entities. The Global Freedom Board of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all sundry to correlate with Freedom Giants and work with The Analogies; Nationalism, Justice, Excellence, Discipline and Patriotism. That is how we can proactively raise the Pan-Africanistic Agenda.


A CHANGEMAKER is a Freedom Giant who creates the path in creating an equitably  viable Free community for all, restoring the dignified values of a National Anatomy and/or providing for the people of a society, the way forward for a Free National Anatomy. The Global Anatomy has seen a lot of debilitating threats which have stifled the growth of Social Order, Democratic Development, Cultural Diversity, Economic Development and the Empowerment of people in the society. It is time for CHANGEMAKERS to act proactively and create the path for the required change, the Global Anatomy needs. Everyone can make it, if we have the right changemakers who are concerned with building a healthy democratic and growing society, for all in our societies


Research conducted by The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL indicate that, most Africans over the past years, respond to issues after they have occurred rather than creating avenues to prevent unwanted conditions to enable their security.

Most people from Africa have been reactive and this has resulted in deaths, recessions, a breach of our cultures and so much failures. In our YEAR OF TRANSFORMATION, Freedom Giants are on an intentional course to control various issues around them for the security of the Freedom, we need and must live in, in Africa, for the African Anatomy, we want.

It is in this light, that The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all sundry to take the footsteps of all Freedom Giants and protect our continent from unwanted and/or unexpected issues, that could serve as the antidote for Africa’s betrayal. Let us be Proactive as an Anatomy and fight for our land. Let us make it happen. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy.


The state of humiliation in Africa is massive. We are the ones deceiving ourselves. We look like as angels but work tirelessly to try and bring our fellow Brothers and Sisters down. Why do we this? We are the ones betraying ourselves. We allow others from Foreign Anatomies to disrespect Blacks, because we don’t live as a single conscious Anatomy.

Civilisation started from Africa and from no where else. Life begun from Africa and we must remind everyone in the diaspora of their roots. All Humans have their source from Africa. Let’s Stand as One Anatomy and not on tribal segmentations. Let us fight for our Freedom. Let us be Proactive and fight for our Motherland. Let us not override our Analogies as Freedom Giants.

Africa is the motherland of Global Transformation. Let us reawaken our destinies. We are One and are made of more. Let us Stand Tall and fight for The African Anatomy. Justice must prevail. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy. Let us make it happen.