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The western education sold to Africans by the so-called colonial masters has no relevant knowledge to the people. The western education in Africa is an element that introduces poverty as a tool for enslavement.

Before the intruder (Caucasians) came to Africa, there was no poverty in the continent, every young man and woman has their own obligations of personal growth within their community. Of a truth, the caucasians met a well structured and advanced civilization in Africa.

Before the advent of the Caucasians, pattern education in Africa, we were living in complete fulfillment and harmony. The chains of western education is incomparable to the ancient wisdom handed over to us by our great Ancestors. The education that was introduced to Africa was not to solve problems, rather to create boundaries, greed, class struggle, poverty, sickness, criminal tendency and divisional factors amongst one time highly advanced people.

The ideal is to pursue materialism, not to provide solutions to pressing issues, to the best of my knowledge and understanding. The main fundamentals of education is to solve problems and make societal progress, to improve on one’s immediate environment, all these have been defeated by the so-called western education.

The western education has no functional impact to us today. If it had, we would have been building planes, ships, automobiles, mobile phones and other essentials, have you ask yourself all these questions?

The western education has produced more engineers that can’t even build roads, the Orient (Chinese) are the ones building our roads and bridges. Doctors that can’t even cure common malaria, while we are blessed with herbs that can take care of any health challenges. The pattern western system has produced lawyers that can’t apply for bail without parting with money even when they are fully aware that bail Is free, same go with other disciplines that can’t even defend what they claim to be. When you are pattern to think, not being able to think for yourself, you lack self confidence and boldness, it loads you with a complete package of inferiority complex, these are some of the dangers associated with the pattern western education that was forced on us.

Just imagine the level of disgrace the so-called western education has given to us. A professor of electrical engineering can’t even build a solar panel. Our women are completely naked on the street with their copy and paste syndrome, the young men are sagging their clothes and displaying their dirty boxers without researching the situation that gave birth to that type of dressing. There is no proper orientation, our youths are caught in the middle of this confusion.

The western education is designed to know wrongly, while you know wrongly, you will acquire pride that will destroy the inflow of knowledge and wisdom in you. Where to find the most useless and victims of over confidence are within the circle of those who enchained themselves with this pattern western education. As of today, our society is made of these three classes of people. The wise, the foolish and the mass followers.

The most dangerous one is the wise, which represents imperialism, they are the chief manipulator. The wise uses the foolish to achieve their aims and objectives.

The foolish, in society are made up of celebrities, religious leaders, political leaders, compromised traditional leaders and NGOs. The aforementioned names are axis of evil, they are the channels which the capitalist and the imperialist (the wise) communicate with the mass of followers. The foolish is the accessory of the wise to gain total control over the mass of followers, and established their supremacy on them, the foolish are driven with high degree of greed. They are the ones the late great music legend Fela Anikulakpo-Kuti, referred to as individuals with low mentality. Those mentioned individuals operate in two capacities, they are slaves to their own desire, at the same time, happy slaves that live in a fool paradise.

The mass of followers which makes approximately eighty percent (80%) of every society, comprises of civil servants, security agencies, religious followers and other sectors that made up the society, are always in a state of limbo, sitting on the fence, with the inability to take action or reach decisions. The mass of followers are either here or there, with polluted ability to think for themselves.

The education system that ought to structure our society, and makes individuals to become a problem solver, has converted individuals to liability. The society is currently made of people who are redundant to themselves. The western education has created an irreconcilable problem in the African society. The award of a certified slave, which is popularly referred to as a certificate, and the importance attached to it. Is what is now responsible for the calamity that is befallen the Africa continent today.

In summary, the pattern western education has done more arms than good. The process has created criminality and other negative social vices we are witnessing today in our various society. Africans must redefine themselves, and embrace our cultural values, and the ancient wisdom that was handed over to us by our great Ancestors. I repeat, we must revive our cultural values and heritage to be on track again and collectively defeat the colonial mentality, alongside the pattern western system in Africa.


The Author is Hon, Leftist Aimuae-Osa Igbinomwanhia who is the CEO of the Nigerian Anatomy of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL

Below are other Organisations he is also a part of.
Naija Watch Media Team (NWMT).
Social Defenders Advocacy (SDA).
Member- Edo Civil Society Organisations (EDOCSO).

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