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As Freedom Giants, we have to be Relentless at all times. As Freedom Giants, we must all remain bold as Leaders and not be clueless about the purpose to which we as Freedom Giants, stand for! We must remain as One Anatomy and Revolutionize the Global Anatomy. We must never be envious about people who join in earlier and are given various positions. We must work for the consolidation of a One Africa, for the Emancipation of the Torn Africa.

We are a brand and if we want to keep on standing tall, then we must keep pushing forward. We must never back down. We must not be dull. We must be proactive at all times. We are Freedom Giants and not babies. People we expect to be trustworthy comrades or partners, will intentionally try all possible means, to bring us down. They will try all possible schemes to manipulate our theories. We have to be vigilant and Relentless. We have to stay true to what we believe in; fighting for the People. We must see to it that the rights of the people, are not relinquished but are protected.

We must ensure that Democratic Freedom prevails at all times. We must ensure that we stand tall for what we believe in. We must set the pace for what we believe in. At every time, we must remain Relentless. We must push forth. Barrack Obama once said, “We did not come here to fear the future, but to shape it” and that’s true. We are the Changemakers. Let’s fight for our rights and terraform the future.


Freedom Giants, we are made of everything. We are made of Freedom. We are Freedom-personified. Why then do we have to be like others? We are the most unique, we could ever be, as Freedom Giants. We are the best we could ever be, and we can get better in this process. Let us stand tall.

The journey of life is a “trial,” for Freedom Giants. It is a trial because we live in a corrupt world, where the corrupted will never want to open their eyes to see Freedom Giants, thrive. But we are Freedom Giants! We remain Freedom Giants! We live as Freedom Giants! We walk as Freedom Giants and we shall die as Relentless Freedom Giants! We must remain Relentless about that. After surviving to where we are, do we just fall sick? No! We stand tremendously tall as Relentless Freedom Giants!

We have no time for accommodating mediocre oriented philosophies. That is not Democratic Freedom. Democratic Freedom seeks for the excellent welfare of all sundry both in the night and during the day. It is either we transform people with mediocre oriented philosophies, or we allow them rot. They may be of various positions but we must never incline to their philosophies. Our hearts must only be receptive to pushing Democratic Freedom forward. There are a lots of phenomenal people. We must stand tall as one and eradicate mental slavery from the hearts and minds, of the oppressed. We must have no time for those who want to see Freedom Giants, oppressed.

We must stand tall and not waste time, as Freedom Giants. We are more. We are beautiful. We are intelligent, and we are the best kind of people for any kind of developmental service in the world. The world is going to hire us, for and in billions of African currencies. Let us stand tall!

The road ahead is a big one. We must not fall into the treacherous and dilapidated “streets” created by mediocre leaders. We must walk our way; The way of Freedom. If we are Freedom Minded, we will promote Democratic and Political Freedom everywhere, we go. It will reflect and it will be symbolic. We must not in any way allow ourselves to be mocked at in any way to even say, it is for human gains.

We are highly spirited. Let us stand for the truth. Freedom is Security and if we must secure our walk of Freedom at all times, if we want to be rejuvenated. Let us Revolutionize the Global Anatomy. Let us transform the Global Anatomy. Let us make it happen.

Comrades will intentionally try to manipulate the systems. These are comrades, not oppositions but comrades. They will try to “shoulder” us around to keep the vision in “still.” As Freedom Giants we must be Relentless. Our “Comrade-oppositions” should be even be a factor why we should open the vision and keep on standing tall.’ Freedom Giant Kwindani once said, “Corrupt governors should never be allowed to participate in modern politics and thereafter holding a public office” and that’s true. We must be Relentless about seeing the right leaders in our offices.

As Freedom Giants, we have a big task ahead of us; to liberate the systems, to bring Freedom where people’s rights have been manipulated to eensure not only the prevalence of people’s rights, but to ensure the Dignity of the rights of people. We must stand tall at all times and see to it that the Global Anatomy is waxing forward, for Democratic and Political Freedom.

Let us stand tall and work with zeal. Let us lit the candles during night time and brainstorm towards the brighter day of Africa’s. Africa in the Next Decade must be one of Democratic and Political Freedom for all sundry and you must be counted amongst the Freedom Giants, worthy of fulfilling the vision. Do not be slow. Move forward. Accelerate. Move with passion and transform the Global Anatomy in transparency. Revolutionize the Global Anatomy. Change the Global Anatomy. We are Pacesetters. We are Revolutionists. We are Masterpieces. We are Pioneers. Let us make it happen, Freedom Giants.


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