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The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL wish all Freedom Giants, a HAPPY FREEDOM AFRICA DAY. Our progress is in our hands and we must be concerned about Standing Tall as Freedom Giants to Transform the Global Anatomy. We have been relinquished of our rights in the past. We have seen our own brothers and sisters as our enemies. We have forbidden the expectancy to see a New Regionalised Africa, as the center for Africa’s Transformation. But AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is here to tell all sundry to rise up as Freedom Giants and Stand Tall. We must Stand Tall for a Transformed Global Anatomy right from Africa.

We have what it takes. The seeds are in us. No matter how these seeds may be abused, harassed, covered, we shall soon rise up and rise up stronger as an Anatomy bound with no lines, but jointly visioned for a prosperous Africa. We must first of all protect ourselves from Imperialist States. We must have a joint Millitary command that does not Cooperate with Imperialist blocs. We must begin to Stand on our own.

We must be Proactive and work out for what we believe in; a prosperous Africa. The Berlin Conference of 1884 partitioned our own land into the hands of our colonial leaders. We were adopted and bought with currencies. In the course of this, our chiefs also accepted this. Yes, they did. If they did not, we would not have been enslaved. We were cut across and had our forefathers and mothers sold to Europe to help build their land. Today, the United States of America, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Italy, France and all the Western Allies are who and what they are, because of the manipulation of Blacks. We are where we are because we were bought and exploited. But we cannot settle for less. We cannot settle here. No! The Africa we want is one we must dream of. We must stand tall for our rights.

It is time for our Governments to work as true Political Anatomies. Our Governments have become altruistic and Dictatorially autonomous. Dictators have led our Governments for long and this has kept our countries in a mess. We have Judiciaries, Executives and Legislatures in our Governments. Yet, our Presidents make decisions without the consultations of any of these arms of Governments. They enact laws on their own and fight to apprehend anyone who tries to fight against their corrupt leadership. Opposition Parties even become an enemy to our nation’s development. As Freedom Giants, we must fight for a Political Anatomy where there is interdependence and interrelation amongst ourselves for the continuous acceleration and ascendancy of our liberation.

Dr. Kwame Nkrumah said in Accra in December 1958 at the Conference of African Freedom Fighters that, we must each see ourselves as part of Africa in order that we may face colonialist imperialism and its new form; colonialism on a continent wide front. That’s very true as our Godfather said. We must work as an African Anatomy to fight the debilitating threats by our Western Allies who wish to see Africans as a home of slaves.

We must fight against all forms of Social injustice in our societies. We have been relinquished of our rights. We must begin to fight against all forms of Discrimination and see ourselves as a single Anatomy for the Transformation of a United States of Africa. Yes, we must do this. We are One Anatomy. We must see our countries as National Anatomies which are interrelated and not see other tribes as superior to the other in our countries. We must build a progressive functioning of our societies where we all thrive on the equilibrium of Freedom. If we can build and see ourselves as National Anatomies, then we can build a true African Anatomy that is not bound on racial lines, but a vision where all Africans work together for a common good; a Prosperous Africa. Only our unity can make this happen.

Let us stand against all that tries to bring us apart and fight for the common goal of our people. Let us ensure that every person enjoys their Freedom. Our Women are one of the people who indeed change the systems. Let us not keep them in the kitchens. Let us fight for the liberation and education of every person. Every Human Being operates with a human Anatomy. No one is born a slave.

Let us ensure that as we celebrate The Freedom Africa Day, we enjoy and walk together as an Anatomy. Let us always assess ourselves and ensure that we are not being taken away from our path. Let us indeed walk as who we are; as Freedom Giants! We are Masterpieces, Changemakers, Radicalists, Gamechangers, Realists, Pacesetters, Revolutionists and Trailblazing Survivors. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy, now!


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