Colonel Assimi Goïta of the Malian Anatomy paves the way for their country’s democratic transition

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Interim Leader Colonel Assimi Goïta of the Malian National Anatomy who led a Coup D’etat in 2020 that deposed Ex-President Boubacar Keita, has led the National Anatomy to their first referendum seeking for changes in their country’s constitution, that will strengthen their Democratic Participation.

Mali is a landlocked country in West Africa and is the eighth largest country in Africa with a population of about 22 million. The new constitution seeks to ensure that The President of The Malian National Anatomy appoints who should be the Prime Minister rather than the Government which used to be the initial bloc doing so. With this new constitution, The President also has the ability to depose the Prime Minister and also to dissolve the Parliament. This new constitution if voted for, will create a Two-chamber Parliament, the Senate and the National Assembly of which Mali has only had a National Assembly as a National Anatomy.

Col. Assimi Goïta believes that the voting that took place on Sunday 18th June 2023 is one that will pave the way for the country’s Democratic Restoration and ensure the country’s return to Civilian Rule in 2024 when they are believing to have a Civilian Led Elections that will bring a Democratically elected Leader as President of The Malian National Anatomy. Mali houses the richest man to ever live on earth by name Mansa Musa.


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