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A Refugee is anyone who leaves his country forcefully to another country for peace due to war in his or her country. Most often, people who become refugees now leave their old National Anatomies and become permanently part of the New National Anatomy they find themselves in, due to the comfort they receive there. Many people decide at a point in time to leave their countries to other countries mostly due to adverse conditions they faced earlier on and become fully acclimatised to their new Country. As we celebrate International Refugees Day, let’s remember that all Refugees around the world, form a part of the Global Anatomy. Let’s treat them with the care and respect, they need.

As Freedom Giants, we must learn to treat each other with care. We must understand that each and every person whether he or she is from our ethnic group, political party, workplace, religion or not, forms a part of the National Anatomy we come from. We must play our part well in the solidification of the Global Anatomy, we want and ensure the Analogy of building a Nationalistic and Patriotic African Anatomy.

We must eschew xenophobism, discrimination and all forms of superiorism amongst ourselves and fight for the common good of our Anatomy. We are One Anatomy in Africa. Let’s not betray each other. Let’s not engage in acts that could lead to wars and violence to displace others to other countries. Let’s live as One Anatomy.

At least 800, 000 people from the Sudanese Anatomy left their country and have become refugees in other lands. Majority of people who also became residents in Sudan left to their home country because if the devastating effect of the war in their country. As of 2022, there were 108.4 million Refugees in the world. This is an increase from 89.4 million in 2021 to the new figure in 2022 according to the UNHCR.

Refugees live all over the world. Refugees form a part of the Global Anatomy and must be treated with respect and honour. Refugees must be treated just like Human Beings because they have Human Anatomies. Refugees must be given the treatment they need. In Africa, at least Refugees account for about 30 million. In Africa, most Refugees are located in Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Central African Republic. Millions of people have run from their countries to other countries due to war and conflicts in their countries. Majority of Refugees in the world are from Syria, Ukraine and Afghanistan.

The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all sundry to treat Refugees with respect and love. They form part of the Global Anatomy and must accorded the dignity they need in the Amalgamation process. The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all Refugees not to feel lonely. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is with them and stands to see their gross Freedom in all aspects of their lives. Refugees require access to good jobs, good health systems, adequate water and electricity supply, good social care systems and good infrastructure and accommodation to sleep in comfortably without any disturbance or destruction.


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