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Leaders from The African Anatomy have been to Ukraine and Russia over the weekend to discuss on peace negotiations that will aid end the War Crisis that has not only affected Ukraine but every nook and cranny of the Global Anatomy.

President Putin wants certain geographical locations in Ukraine to be forcefully now a region of The Russian Anatomy’s, which President Zelenskyy has resisted publicly.

Presidents of The Comoros, South African, Senegalese, Zambian and the Prime Minister of the Egyptian Anatomy with the inclusion of delegates from the Ugandan and Congolese Anatomy went to Ukraine on Friday 16th June. President Cyril Ramaphosa of The South African Anatomy chaired the delegation from The African Anatomy that went for this Peace Mediation Deal who stressed on the need for the ongoing war between the two Anatomies to be ended with immediate effect. In the aftermath of the Ukraine visit, President Zelenskyy of the Ukrainian Anatomy asked The Leaders from the African Anatomy to speak to President Putin of The Russian Anatomy to free Ukrainian Leaders who were captured by The Russian Military and imprisoned. On Saturday 17th June, The African leaders went to St. Petersburg in Russia to have talks with President Putin.

President Vladimir Putin has stated that he has made nuclear weapons ready in Belarus in case NATO pulled in to defend Ukraine. If the war does not end, it will continue to serve as a debilitating threat to several ends of the Global Anatomy, particularly the African Anatomy who receive wheat, oil, fertilizer, steel, iron ore and various food products from Ukraine and Russia.

The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is exhilarated with the move taken by leaders from the African Anatomy to mediate and ensure Peace between The Ukrainian and the Russian Anatomies. This is a Proactive step on the right direction by the African Anatomy towards strengthening the ties for a much solidified peaceful and harmonious Global Anatomy, void of discriminations. However, this should also serve as a sign for African Leaders to produce internally and mobilise more funds for the productive investment of The African Anatomy.


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