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Mr. Sam Matekane, Prime Minister of The Basotho Anatomy is an astute businessman whose life is an inspiration to all sundry. Mr. Sam Matekane is a Man who has decided not to take remunerations from Government as President buy has helped his country Relentlessly pre and Post his inauguration as Prime Minister on October 2022.

Prime Minister Sam Matekane formed his Political Party, Revolution for Prosperity in March 2022, which was just six months before the General Elections for The National Anatomy. Mr. Sam Matekane won the Elections and has stood Tall as a Man for the Basotho Anatomy. Mr. Sam Matekane who joined Politics and was in the midst of chaos, massive political rivalry and Injustices but he stood tall and was able to achieve this great feat for his National Anatomy, and won the 2022 General Elections for his National Anatomy. Pre his inauguration as Prime Minister, he has made many donations to the Military and the Police. He has bought many wheelchairs, ambulances and ICU beds. He has sponsored the renovation of a Stadium, a school, helped his country massively during the Covid-19 era by buying vaccines, testing resources and health equipments.

He begun his business in 1980 when he started importing donkeys from South Africa and selling them in his country, Lesotho. He flourished in that business and went on into mining, selling sand and manufacturing bricks. Afterwards he proceeded to construction, transportation and property development.

He later amalgamated all his businesses into the Matekane Group of Companies in 1992 and also in 2004, begun the Matekane Mining Investment where he focused on the Mining of Diamond with the company.

This is a lesson, that we must be Relentless as Freedom Giants and never give up, no matter how small we start. We must Stand Tall and make the needed changes, we need to make for the Revolutionisation of the Global Anatomy.


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