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An Analogy is a fully compatible reflection of a constituent segment to the root of a vision being exhibited amongst Freedom Giants. Things are analogical when they have a wholesome proportion in relation to the subject being compared to. In AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL, all Freedom Giants are analogical to the visions and beliefs of the Organisation. There is the solidified kind of Analogy, we as an Anatomy, must have with people of every land. There is no way we can just walk in life, without having an Analogy with anyone. We must walk together based on an Analogy. And that Analogy must be a balanced one in terms for the Equilibrium of Freedom we fight for.

We are born in and from Africa to showcase the goodwill of our land. We are born to at every point in time, defend our territories from foreign invasions. We are born to depict our cultures to the unborn generations. We must never allow what we have fought for to be despised. Our Nationalism reflects the unwavering Independence we have sustained and continue to fight for at every point in time. Julius Nyerere said African Nationalism is meaningless unless it is linked with Pan-Africanism. Our National call depicts our identity. What are we waiting for? What are we looking at? Let’s continue fighting as One Anatomy for the liberation of our land.

We are born in Africa and that’s why we must make sure that we defend our Continent. We must defend our people and defend our land. We must make sure that we don’t sell our people. We must make sure that we do not betray our people to become captives in a foreign land. We must fight for what belongs to us. No matter what, we must keep on standing Tall. We must believe in ourselves. Yes, we deserve the mantle. We must work continuously as an Anatomy and that is how all the 54 states in Africa can travail

They took us as slaves but here we are; people of Renaissance. We have taken back our destinies again and we are Transforming the world into a Global Anatomy of people with renewed minds. Let us be Proactive. Let us not forget our history. Let us be Proactive, know our roots and make Africa, a great one again.

We were born in Africa. Why do we go abroad and see others in the Diaspora as strangers? We are One Anatomy. We belong to the same race. We must welcome each other.

Why do we try to feel superior to each other? We all have a particular role, we must play to exhibit the Love, we share as an Anatomy. We must be kind to each other. We must work as a people who love each other. Let us kick out and eliminate all forms of Injustice that is within us. Let us not in any way accommodate them. Let us be Proactive and watch our ways out.

We have been betrayed. We have been let down. In Africa, we have seen so many hindrances. But as Freedom Giants, we do not allow them to come against us. We override them. We must keep on pressing on. We must protect the dignity of the Black Soil. We were born for a purpose and that’s why we prevail in Excellence. Let’s not give in. Let’s be Proactive. We are made for More!!

There are Whites of today who feel locked, chained, in pains and in misery because of the historic background of their predecessors. Some of these Whites when they get to know how their forefathers behaved in such times, start to feel weakened because some of these Anatomy of Whites come with a different personality yet are covered with a different background. It is up to we as Africans and Africans in the Diaspora to Stand Tall and accept these new breed of Whites who want to see an Amelioration. Let’s bring forth this Transformation from The African Anatomy for the Global Anatomy, we want. Let us build a Global Anatomy full of refined individuals with renewed mental concepts.

There are also Diaspora of The African Anatomy who do not want to search for their roots. Some of these people have forgotten Africa and want to stay abroad for good. As Freedom Giants, we must fight for Transformation through our Analogies. We must see to it that all Diaspora identify their Nationalities as Africans. We must ensure that we open our arms, remind them of who they are, and unite with them as they come back to search for their roots. We must not keep this secret away from them.

Yes we are One Anatomy with different specific backgrounds. In Africa, we may be from different ethnic roots but we must be able to understand that we are all Africans. We are all One People. We are all from one Lineage so let’s foster the African Unity. Let us build ourselves together and ensure an Amelioration in and from Africa. Let us Proactively do this.

No country or section of people is superior to the other. As Freedom Giants, we must indeed support leaders we vote into Power. We must make sure that we support the Agendas that seek to promote the kind of change, we need and must see. We must at all times Stand Tall for the Independence of our nations. This can only happen when we walk together as an Anatomy and Stand for The National Agenda disregarding racial lines but allow multiracial existence of harmony for the development, we need.

The Logical representation we have also with Government must at all times be one that hails and thrives the Analogy we Stand for. We must never trade our dignity for money or compromise our aims just to see Governments finding their altruistic way out. We must stand tall for what we believe in and/or demand for, and be Relentless about that! As Freedom Giants, we must ensure that deals, agreements between National Anatomies are not meant to exploit each other but to serve each other. That’s how we can thrive as an African Anatomy.

Some of us may choose to go to other ends of the world to make ends meet. Some of us may choose to go make families in other continents. As we go, we must know our culture. We must know where we were raised from. We must know where our ancient ancestors came from and make the needed changes. We must not settle for less. We must Stand out and show to the whole world, what we are made of. We must be Relentless. We must not hide somewhere. We must be involved in the liberation agenda. We must not settle for mediocrity, No! We must be Proactive and fight for the Global Anatomy, we want. The world is filled with so much racial and ethnic disharmonies. We must fight for multiracial environments filled with Love and respect for each other. Let us make this happen. Let us fight for our Amelioration. Let us ensure this amelioration in and from Africa.

We are Freedom Giants of change. We have the capacity to bring the world into a Transformed Global Anatomy. We are phenomenal. We have what it takes. Let us believe in ourselves and make legendary marks everywhere in the world. We are The Regionalised Africa, The world is looking for. Let us not settle for less. Let us make it happen.

As Freedom Giants, we must make sure we are the reflection of who we are. We must be doers of what we profess we are; Freedom Giants. We must not in any way deny the liberty of others. We must never in any way forgo our disposition of what Mother Afrika demands that, we should do. There will always be obstructions but we must be Proactive. Yes! Let us be disciplined as Freedom Giants. At every time, we must be Proactive and never in any way lay back our Discipline and charisma for change to money or any form of negligence in our priorities. We are trained. Yes, we are. Let us never loose this space. We must work and produce results. We must be indefatigable and make sure that we are trustworthy citizens of the state. If we truly work as Disciplined Freedom Giants, then we will always be Metamorphosed from one level of Transformation to the other. We are different. Yes we are. Let us proactively Transform the Global Anatomy and drive every nuisance out. We are made of more. Let us make it happen.

As Freedom Giants, we must always observe the speech of our State Leaders and all leaders everywhere, and make sure that we are not enticed by their words but look at what they bring forth. We must also make sure that we observe what comes from their mouths and decipher the good from the bad. We must Stand Tall and ensure that Justice prevails. Our countries are in the hands of the people and not in the hands of our leaders. Let us choose wisely and ensure that each country enjoys the beauty of being a constituent Anatomy in the African Anatomy. We are made for more. Let us proactively fight for Africa; The Black Soil of Freedom.

As Freedom Giants, we must observe every disposition of every individual. We must make sure we advice those who try to pollute the systems or desist from engaging with them. We must make sure that we reflect the identity of The Africa we want. We must be able to stand for the truth at every pint in time no matter what, and make sure, no one makes an idiot of us. We must be able to stand for ourselves and make sure we live modestly with each other, and love each other for the originality of the African History to be preserved; an Anatomy without discriminations, segmentations, divisions or barriers. We are One People and we must showcase this everywhere. Let’s break the barriers. Let’s go beyond the barriers. Let’s break the barriers.

As Freedom Giants, we must make sure that we do not become complacent. We are born for a reason; to fight for our people. We must be intentional about that. We must take the extra step and time to fight for the liberation of our people. We must make sacrifices and we will see it in the long run. We must make sure that we never go contrary to who we are.

At every point in time, we must assess ourselves and see how far we have come, whether we have stayed on track or swayed off. We must always check on ourselves. We must learn to resist people who stand against the course of Democratic Freedom and never allow them to manipulate or exploit the systems. We must be intentional about what we do for the purpose of Freedom. Let us make this happen.

We must never allow ourselves to be undermined by any people. We must never allow any class or group of people to undermine our dignity. We must boast about our Freedom, live in our Freedom, walk and move in our Freedom at all times, as Freedom Giants. At all times, we must be vigilant of the logical representation we have with people at home, work , church, parties or anywhere. We must always reflect the Analogy we carry as Freedom Giants! The Logical representation must reflect The Analogies we carry.

As Freedom Giants, we must all be interested in the Freedom of our countries. This is why we must fight as a National Anatomy void of ethnic lines and make sure that we transpose the cordiality we share as a National Anatomy into the rightful Amalgamation process of equity for the solidified African Anatomy, we want. The Amelioration we want to see in The African Anatomy must correspond from our own inputs and not from inputs of foreign Anatomies. We are born in and/or from Africa. We must fight for this. We must ensure a rightful Amelioration. We must fight for the Rehabilitation of The African Anatomy. Let us make this happen.

We must be vigilant of the kind of Analogy we have with a National Anatomy. Let’s say The Ghanaian Anatomy and the Nigerian Anatomy. No one is greater than the other and we must see to reciprocity in equal respect meted our to each other, whether you are an Executive or not. We are One People. The Analogy we have also with Political Anatomies, must at all times be one on a shared sense of respect. We must never trade our dignity for money or compromise on what we want from the Political Anatomies of each National Anatomy. We must stand tall for what we believe in and/or demand for, and be Relentless about that! As Freedom Giants, we must ensure that deals, agreements between National Anatomies are not meant to exploit each other but to serve each other.

We must see to fairness between National Anatomies in AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL and between Political Anatomies. The Analogy we have with various leaders must be one of equal respect centered on equal value for our rights and our dignity. We must never condone sentiments that demean our dignity, and walk in life, as Freedom Giants. We must never trade our dignity for suppression by other people or even by Freedom Giants (whether they are Executives or not), who refuse to go by our laid down values. We must be vigilant. We must never allow ourselves to be undermined. We must ensure the perseverance of a dignified Analogy. When forces (people who serve as oppositions) try to suppress us, we must play our part of the onus, as dignified Freedom Giants. We must be Relentless!!!)

The Analogy we have with various people, must be a balanced one of reciprocity in respect, humility to service and dignity!!! We must never compromise on that. There are people who at a point in time, can try various schemes to undermine the flow of Democratic Freedom by Freedom Giants. They can try to do this through money, through pretense or false friendships. We must never settle for less! We must at all times be vigilant and remain Relentless!!!

We must speak good of The African Soil. Speaking good of The African Soil denotes preserving the security of the Soil. This in turn, denotes defending the Democratic Freedom of the land. In no way, must we harbour dispositions that seek to undermine the Freedom of the African Anatomy. We must believe in The African Anatomy as people of Excellence, and work towards rehabilitating the land to its preferred destination; A rebirthed Anatomy, a restored Anatomy and an Anatomy walking in Resurgence for the Democratic Freedom of the Global Anatomy. We must be optimistic about the African Anatomy.

We must never at any point in time, seek to undermine our rights for just anything to prevail. No! We must reveal all the Injustices. We stand for the populace. We are Masterpieces. We must never shake hands with partnerships that seek to undermine our integrity. We must not allow stupidity to prevail. We must allow the rights of The People to be secured. We must be Relentless, because we are Freedom Giants!!!

We must stand Relentless as Freedom Giants. We are the soldiers of the land. We are Soldiers who want Peace amongst each other. Soldiers who want to see Inter-tribal harmony, Gender Equality, Sound Diplomatic ties amongst members of the African Anatomy and the abhorrence of adverse prejudicial sentiments about various National Anatomies.

Let us continue being the difference. We were born for a time like this. We must remain unbiased in our speeches and actions as Freedom Giants. We must stand tall and walk together as Freedom Giants for the Revolutionisation of the Global Anatomy. We must learn to reignite and revolutionise any Freedom Giant who is down. We must learn to pick our fellow Freedom Giant up, when he or she is down or is contradicting our philosophy. We must stand tall! We must be able to stand the test of time, in the thick and thin!
We have a path to take. One to be Relentless no matter who is for us or not for us. We must stay true to our priorities and move on. We are Masterpieces. Our Freedom is our Security and we must be Relentless, to protect our Security at all levels and times, in our journey of Freedom.

The time is now, Freedom Giants! Let us fight for our rights, Freedom Giants. Let us liberate the Global Anatomy. As Africans, we must understand the corre mandate of who we are. We are made for More. The more Relentless we are, the more we see Freedom. We need to be intentional about what we do. We are One Anatomy. We dare not allow critics and/or naysayers to stop us from refining the systems. We are Freedom Giants! We dare not allow sycophants to interject our Freedom journey. We must at all times see to it that Excellence prevails. Wherever we are, we must play our onuses. We dare not wait for anyone to tap us to be conscientious of who we must be. We must always keep on moving and ensure the Amelioration we want to see in Africa. We must be proud whenever we see our fellow Freedom Giants because we see the correlation; The Analogies. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy. Let us Revolutionize the Global Anatomy. This is who we are. This is not a game. Let us make it happen. Let us transform the Global Anatomy. Let us change the Global Anatomy. The Analogy for true Democratic Freedom is what must be appended, by all Freedom Giants. Let us make it happen, for we are The Pacesetters, The Pioneers and The Revolutionists, Freedom Giants.


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