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A CHANGEMAKER is a Freedom Giant who creates the path in creating an equitably viable Free community for all, restoring the dignified values of a National Anatomy and/or providing for the people of a society, the way forward for a Free National Anatomy. The Global Anatomy has seen a lot of debilitating threats which have stifled the growth of Social Order, Democratic Development, Cultural Diversity, Economic Development and the Empowerment of people in the society. It is time for CHANGEMAKERS to act proactively and create the path for the required change, the Global Anatomy needs. Everyone can make it, if we have the right changemakers who are concerned with building a healthy democratic and growing society, for all in our societies.

 The Global Anatomy needs leaders who can transform her people in the right path. The Global Anatomy needs a people who are guided and convicted in the paths, that promote Freedom for all, and safeguards the rights and liberties of all individuals. We need to secure the right path, for the true Freedom, we ought to live in. We need CHANGEMAKERS to steer the right path and directions, all citizens of the Global Anatomy, must walk in. We need to once again see Peace and matured democracies, thriving in every nook and cranny of our Global Anatomy. We must be able to live in peace and harmony with each other. Changemakers must stand tall and create the path, for the change we need. The Global Anatomy has been torn apart. The wrong leaders are Governing us. Pride and Prejudice has become the order of the day. We are living in Civil Oppression. The Freedom of the Populace has been manipulated. There is Injustice everywhere. The African Anatomy particularly has been characterized with Dictatorial leaders. Leaders are in power to satisfy their parochial desires. Leaders are no more serving the people. They are oppressing citizens and this is why, there is no Freedom in the minds of such leaders which leads to underdevelopment in our National Anatomies. If everyone wants to live in Freedom, our leaders must properly serve the populace. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is committed to raising pragmatic Giant Leaders of Freedom.

We must run the affairs of our National Anatomies with humility and allow the course of Freedom to thrive. Every CHANGEMAKER comes in to CHANGE THE ADMINISTRATIVE SETTINGS. The Administrative Settings in which leaders control the citizens of their national Aanatomies are all polluted. We are living in a dispensation far away from the Democracy, we must live in and enjoy. We are filled with Kleptocratic leaders. As Freedom Giants, we must rise to the call to reform the Settings by changing the Administrative Settings. How do we change the Administrative Settings? We can do this by taking and involving ourselves in Leadership Positions in the Government and in Civil Societies like AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL, to create the platform for Democratic Governances. We must be able to lead in Excellence. We must be able to embark on peaceful protests to sensitize unfaithful leaders to rise up to their call, and work as faithful leaders in the Service of their national Anatomies.

One leader worth admired by AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL as being a Changemaker, is Commander Mamady Doumbouya of Guinea. He has embarked on a Coup D’état that has ousted an undemocratic leader from office. ECOWAS and African Union have not sided with his move, but as long as he is changing the Administrative Settings to bring Democratic Freedom we need as an Anatomy, he must be hailed. Most atimes, we want to side with whatever is going on and want to keep silent because we feel we do not want to get ourselves in trouble. That’s wrong!!! We will bring Freedom when we proactively bring Peace to our National Anatomies. Let’s rise up to the call. Commander Mamady stood for the rights of people. He has embarked on a course that has led to the emancipation of the Guinean Anatomy, from Civil Oppression. That’s the same course, we must take. He acted with a sense of Emergence and the people of Guinea are Free now. We must always see the end we need, and build it. Freedom is what we want. Don’t just stay there. Cause a change in the Global Anatomy. Refuse to be silent. You can do it. Commander Mamady Doumbouya has called on Mining Companies to install their factories in Guinea, stop exporting minerals in their raw form of value and process the bauxite internally in Guinea. A CHANGEMAKER he is.

 Dr. Kwame Nkrumah once said, “The forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart.” That’s certainly true. We need to be CHANGEMAKERS to be able to reform the Minds of Corrupt ones in the Societies who have taken their National Anatomies into their own hands for their own use. There are a lot of leaders and representatives we vote for, thinking they are the best ones for the job, but immediately they come into power for some time, we begin to see how dictatorial, despotic and selfish they are. We need to reform such ones, to put an end to contempt for state services and bring dignity to the African Anatomy. Without apology, we must refrain ourselves from becoming mended in their ways, so as not to get polluted! One thing we must know is that, we must never be moved to give in, in the wilderness. Dr. Nkrumah himself encountered bewildering moments when he left his country Ghana, for Europe. He said he was lonely, faced rejection and had unsafe times there. But that was his preparation. We must be able to stay strong till when we are called. You go through the process to reform all the adverse situations into positive ones, as a CHANGEMAKER. We must not allow any leader once he or she is called a leader to overturn our lives. No! We must be able to assess them and see their philosophies in life. Dr. Nkrumah realised these whites were not in here for our good, but were imprisoning us. He acted as a matter of urgency to defend the people of Africa from oppressive rule. Whenever a manipulated Government goes on, posterity takes over and also begins to live manipulated hence we will see backwardness and civil unrest in such Societies and National Anatomies. And whenever there is Freedom, there are a part of the Oppressing army that become emancipated and join the Campaign for Freedom, everywhere. They are Reformed! There is Freedom in everybody! A Freedom Giant must stand always to reform the corrupt ones. It is a must! Many atimes we want to be silent because the task may not be easy. Yes, it isn’t easy, that’s why you are in charge!

As Freedom Giants, we have the strength for tougher battles. Nothing can bring us down once we are on our course. Let us choose to stay on course. We are CHANGEMAKER, we are Freedom Giants! It is the onus of every Changemaker to promote Good Governance. This can be done through embarking on campaigns that sensitize the Governments of National Anatomies to act soundly,  for the entire welfare of a nation. A CHANGEMAKER must be able to instil good and sound moral values in leaders of a nation. A CHANGEMAKER is able to stand tall and ensure the right codes and ethics being adhered to, in a nation. Most atimes, we see so many disorders in our nations and we hear nothing being done about it. As CHANGEMAKERS, we must be able to imbibe good Governing Principles in our leaders. We must be able to insist on our rights at all times, for the effective driving or steering of a nation. We currently have Global Leaders meeting at New York at the United Nations General Assembly to discuss matters of concern in the Global Anatomy. What part have we as CHANGEMAKERS played to ensure that our pleas are taken into consideration and heard at the Assembly? We have to be courageous, brave, determined and strong in our quest to see Policies, that have Sound Democratic principles being used to Govern our national Anatomies.

Africa is not a dark continent. Africa has always been a bright continent filled with a brilliant Anatomy. We have allowed it to become polluted coupled with imperialistic rule. Every Freedom Giant needs to stand tall. What does it mean to stand tall?  It means to be uncompromisingly strong in your phenomena to sustain the needed growth and stability in our Political Anatomies. When we are CHANGEMAKERS, we our ownselves will be conscientised to Walk Well! Every Freedom Giant has a part to play in revolutionizing the Global Anatomy. We can tackle our Socio-Deviant Mentality by Standing tall which is today’s theme for the day.

Inferiority Complex is a Social Deviance. It is not only prostitution that is a deviance and other related disorders. When we stand tall and acclimatise to excellence, we are able to eschew all forms of Oppression and be the CHANGEMAKERS, Africa needs. Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was in Prison for 27 years because he stood tall. Standing tall may even involve paying certain penalties. We may loose our friends but that is the price we have to pay. When we stand tall, we free ourselves from Oppression. We come against all forms of injustice and malice in the society. They are there. They are hidden in caves  and having a sense of penetration in peoples lives, through tiny spaces. We have to free ourselves and let the Global Anatomy know we can do without entanglements. We will fight for the best. Nothing but the best if it involves loosing our friends. Freedom is all we want and we wont trade our Freedom for friendships. It is time for us to Rise UP! Enough of the Sitting! We as Freedom Giants, are the Breakthrough. Let us not think we are not phenomenal. We are all phenomenal! Let us be the Citadel for change in our countries. Days of Apartheid were very bad. In South Africa as we all know, whites were distanced from blacks. Marriages between the Blacks and Whites were banned and Land was apportioned for the White Minority. Gross Humiliation took place. As Freedom Giants we must raise our heads and say a Big No to all these. We must eradicate all traits of this from our system. All we want is Freedom. Between 1927 and 1950, people who broke such laws were imprisoned. About 250000 South Africans were arrested during these times. We must act wisely and never succumb to any of these humiliating traditions. We are people of Freedom! In 1952 at least 4000 South Africans Stood Tall! They resisted all these violations. They fought against all these forms of curfews, laws and unjust codes in South Africa. The African National Congress together with the South African Indian Congress fought for Freedom by campaigning against all these forms of malice. Whites started to marry blacks and otherwise. Blacks could work everywhere! This was Freedom in progress. Let us stand tall Freedom Giants. We are Survivors. Let us stand tall in every second of our lives. Let us believe in ourselves. We are CHANGEMAKERS!

When we walk as CHANGEMAKERS, we create pathways for Posterity to enjoy the fruits of our labour. Many atimes, people want to just be with themselves and “stay safe.” But when we decide to revolutionize the Global Anatomy, we leave footprints through which our Great Grandchildren can learn from and stand strong whenever any form of debilitating threat comes their way. Many atimes, people want to just be with themselves and “stay safe.” But when we decide to revolutionize the Global Anatomy, we leave footprints through which our Great Grandchildren can learn from and stand strong whenever any form of debilitating threat comes their way. Nkrumah as a Marxist-Socialist believed Africa belonged to her people. He believed the people of the land were to take hold of their fruits of their land. He fought for the people and stood for the Freedom of Africa and that’s why we thrive now, because a CHANGEMAKER paved the way for us to also thrive upon. When you live as a CHANGEMAKER, you are paving the way for future generations. Let us never be bothered about the turbulences we may face, when we are working on revamping the social evils. That’s our task and you must be strong and do so willingly.

What are we seeing anywhere that we don’t like or even like? Let us speak volumes of it. This encourages stakeholders in that area from doing more if it is good or desist them from doing what they do, if it is wrong. Let us be wise as Freedom  Giants. We are phenomenal. Let us stand for the right change. That is what we were raised for; BEING GAMECHANGERS. Let us stand tall as Freedom Giants. We are CHANGEMAKERS. Let us not be enslaved. Rather, let us stand for Freedom. Let us Change the Game! We can do it. We can make it happen. The Global Anatomy needs Freedom! Let us bring and instill it everywhere, we go. We can do it. Let us not settle for less. Every human needs to thrive in Freedom. Be the GAMECHANGER!!!


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