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The Global Anatomy is a phenomenal embroidery of unique beings all around the world with different cultures, tenets and interests. There are different kinds of races and cultures in the Global Anatomy, but we all belong to one source of race. Everyone is supposed to be treated with Love and in this, must we live in Unity and Peace, in the Global Anatomy.  Every continent just like Africa is special and Africans must be treated with Love. However, there are certain oppositions in the Global Anatomy, who do not want Africa for good. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is aware of their schemes, and is entreating the African Anatomy on the need to be vigilant of their ways and actions, act proactively.

Africa has gone through loads of turmoil, that no other continent will ever think that this Anatomy can get up and have stars dominating in the Global Anatomy. We have been broken down, humiliated, manipulated,  abused, demoralised and enslaved. Now is the time for us all to Rise up! We can do it. We have all it takes. We can rise from the ashes and prove to the Global Anatomy that, we are made of something greater. We are Relentless. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL  is calling on every African to rise up, stand tall and revolutionize the Global Anatomy. Yes, you may have been broken down,  but the truth is that, you can rise up and stand tall, and make the Global Anatomy free.
The plan of all Africa’s opposition is to break the roots of what is driving and moving Africa forward.  The oppositions want to prevent Africa from progressing. The oppositions are so envious of Africa, that everything about Africa stinks in their eyes. They see no good about Africa, and spearhead racist comments and actions against Africans. The oppositions are now trying to influence our fellow Africans to rally with them, to come against their own people. The plan of the opposition is to bring forth divisions amongst us and destroy the Peace and Unity amongst us. In no way, can we allow anyone to dehumanise or categorise us, as slaves no matter who or where they are from. If they are not with us, they do not love us and we must not side with them. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all Africans to be circumspect of people’s mannerisms and attitudes, because there has been a loophole to influence some of our natives, and this kind of tear down from the opposition, begins right from a psychological framework; from the mind.

The opposition’s plan is also to take us out of our position. The opposition seeks to dethrone us. There is a strategic plan by the opposition to make Africans slaves and not leaders. They have tried and keep on trying to bring us down. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL  entreats all Africans to be aware of the plan of the opposition and protect their minds and hearts from various philosophies, meant to bring or keep us down. Africans are not slaves. Africans are not poor people. Africans are not just any people. Africans are a breed of phenomenal leaders. Africans are excellent ones. Africans are Survivors! We cannot settle for less. We cannot anything to break us down. No! We break down all the trajectory schemes meant to break us down. We fight all the battles unapologetically and move with that confidence, as Freedom Giants till we win. And when we win, that is nor it, but we keep on going higher. We keep on taking higher schemes. That is what we are made of. We go higher. We are phenomenal. We always are on top. We break all challenges and win. We make sure that nothing moves us. We are a people of Freedom, and that’s what we live in, fight for and defend at all times. We are made to win.

The opposition’s plan is to silence us. The plan of the opposition is to keep us, mute. The plan of the opposition is to make us voiceless. The opposition does not want any African to speak about adversities in the Global Anatomy. The opposition does not want Africans to speak loud and raise their voices, concerning the various turbulences in the Global Anatomy. The opposition wants Africans silent about every matter. However, AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL  is calling on every African to stand tall, raise their  voices and be the Gamechangers and Pacesetters for transformation, in the Global Anatomy. Africans can not be mute or semi-mute. We must stand tall. We must be able to speak our minds and bring forth our phenomenal suggestions, concerning  problems in the Global Anatomy. We cannot settle for less. We must stand tall. We must revolutionize the Global Anatomy. We must not at all side with anyone, who may want to see Africans being mute about Global issues of any kind. No excuse be it age, race, language or whatever should be an excuse for people from the African Anatomy, raising their voices. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL  entreats all Africans to stand tall, and raise their voices for the change, we need to see, in the Global Anatomy. Africans are priceless and phenomenal and must be the agents of change, at all times.

We can all live in Peace and Love as one people. It is unfortunate how some oppositions behave. The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL  entreats all Africans to stand tall in such times, raise their voices for Freedom, as long as the opposition tries to raise schemes to push their superiority complex agenda forward. When they stop, we will walk with Freedom with all and continue to still move forward, in Freedom. Let us revolutionize the Global Anatomy. Let us transform the Global Anatomy. Let us make it happen.

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