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The Global Anatomy is a union bonded by forces of unity from each of all blocs in the world, for the continuous progression of this union. We cannot keep on being the same from how we have been over the past decades and centuries. We must be able to Survive and not only survive, but with our style of Freedom, everywhere. Our lifestyles must change. There must be improvised ways of living in this new era, we are in, to keep with living a Good and Quality life. The Global Anatomy needs a transformation. We as Freedom Giants are the pacesetters. We must set the standards for the changes, we want to see in the Global Anatomy.
 Every individual in the Global Anatomy is supposed to, and also must live to the brim of Freedom. Not even the United Nations or the African Union must be able to determine the reach of a just individual’s Freedom. Every individual must indeed have the Right to Life, Freedom of Speech, Right to Marriage, Right to Fair Hearing, Freedom of Movement in a defined territory with Guarantee, Right to Vote when of eligible age, Right to Choice of Worship, Right to Remuneration under Service for State and Private Institutions, Right to Education, and every basic right that guarantees each human access to a sufficient and surviving quality life. All these Legal, Economic, Social and Religious forms of rights are divine by Nature and must not be encroached upon.

 We have and continue to see the Rights of Human beings being abused day in and out, within the African Anatomy. People in the African Anatomy are not living in Freedom. Now is the time for us to live in Freedom! Forced Abortion, Lynching, forced marriages, the Police assaulting citizens,  murder and massacres, human trafficking, child labour and sexual abuses are all forms of human rights abuses that need to be stopped now. The time is now and we must see to it that the Global Anatomy is transformed. No Freedom Giant must pass by and see any of these things happening. We must confront and voice out our views for the change we need. We are one family and we must stand for Justice when we see other members of the Global Anatomy being treated haphazardly. We have moved into the phase where we must make sure that our Political Anatomies, move by strong Democratic principles, otherwise they are kicked out. We must fearlessly stand committed to and for Freedom regardless of the risks and consequences. We are Survivors! We must be the GAMECHANGERS! We all know the various threats going on in our National Anatomies with ones like Nigeria and Somalia. We must be able to stand for the truth. Let’s take a look at Germain Katanga. He murdered loads of people, was engaged in pillaging, sexual rape and caused various atrocities as a co leader of the Patriotic Resistance Front in the Democratic Republic of Congo. We have had leaders who have been allowed to go free without being apprehended for their crimes against humanity. We must be proactive and cause a change for the next phase of Development we want in our Global Anatomy, only if we want Transformation.

Let’s look at Charles Taylor. A man of Gross incompetence and dishonour for Africa. Someone who overthrew his own leader President Doe, because President Doe removed him for his acts of Embezzlement and afterwards he; Charles Taylor rather came back and engaged in various forms of massacres, as a rebel leader. These are traits that are not supposed to be seen or felt in the Global Anatomy. We must have never seen any of these to even Survive and in this phase, all we need is Peace, Harmony, Political Stability, Love, Joy and Unity.
Let us be the CHANGEMAKERS everywhere. Right from North Eastern Nigeria through to Cameroon to South Africa, back to Egypt, through to Algeria, we need utmost TRANSFORMATION! Freedom Giants, we must rise up. We have seen loads of disastrous events over the past few years. There has to be TRANSFORMATION. Civilians and all citizenry need to come to a state of Peace. Let’s be the CHANGEMAKERS. We can do it. Let’s make it happen. We see a lot of Human Rights Abuses at home, at our workplaces, at church and the mosque, market places and at all forms of social gathering. We must open our eyes to resist such repressions. These are the little activities that boom to bring various wars and terrorist activities in our countries. We must be PROACTIVE! We must be able to sense people’s communique to us. We must be able to sense people’s mannerisms. Let’s protect our Dignity. Wake up to the Call.
The next phase of Transformation in the Global Anatomy can take place when every Department or Ministry of Governance and/or Policy Making is well articulated for the smooth administration of the Democratic tenures we want in the Global Anatomy. The Global Anatomy has been filled with so much pollution that no one is able to find their way around. As Freedom Giants, we must be able to turn the table over and stabilise the right conditions, for Social Living for the Development of the Global Anatomy, and this begins from Africa. Gender Inequality is the unpleasant, biased and preferential treatment given to particular sexes(male or female) at particular point in times, due to cultural stereotypes and various negative status quos in the society.

Sometimes, Males are given an upper hand in something and at  time, the females are also given an upper hand in something and these are all characterised by standardised conditions. As Freedom Giants, we must be able to fight for Equality, for the smooth running of Freedom in the Global Anatomy. Why do we have these problems? Ladies are seen to be people who ate supposed to be doing domestic works and “baby sittings.” With people who classify ladies as such, they will always classify ladies below the bar and derank them for any job or formal position, because of their sex. Ladies or females for this form of status quo are misrepresented and can be taken as sex objects because men see no value in them but for domestic works. This is a debilitating threat in the African Anatomy especially and AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL calls on all Men and Women to rise up and change these mental Settings for the Freedom of the Global Anatomy.

Gender Inequality is not only associated with Women but also Men in some regards. Men because of their mannish nature, are mostly used as labourers for heavy physical work and sometimes suffer from malnutrition because they are seen as Men. Men are sometimes abused because of their sex and the society deems it as a trait of courage, for men to be violently hit at. This is wrong. We have so many phenomenal Men and Women of great standards who have been put on the sidelines because of a presumed trait of their sex and this must be redefined. Sometimes because of these modes of assumptions about our sexes, parents cut their children from finishing or pursuing their dreams, because they do not believe they carry what it takes to make an impact. You find females stopping school at young ages and engaging in commercial sex works and by the time they are aware of themselves, they are pregnant and end up sacked from their houses, suffer from abject poverty and bring various challenges, to their societies. Males are also called to do the heavy manual work even at their young ages, and this drains them of their energy. They loose their confidence because they begin to even perform hard labour even in their teen ages, and do not think of giving service to their nations. We have begun having fair representations of Women in Parliament in countries like Rwanda, Ghana, South Africa and Kenya and these must be encouraged. Young Men are also growing and working in their visions and becoming who they want to be and not who they are forced to be. African Women need to be treated as Royals and so do African Men also need to be treated same.

Another mode on the problem needed to be tackled by Freedom Giants, for the prevalence of the next phase of Transformation in the Global Anatomy, is  CORRUPTION. Corruption is the unscrupulous manoeuvring of individuals, agencies, organisations, politicians, top rank profiles, institutions and/or the Government in various Trades or Negotiations for their own parochial desires, to suit their own interests. The Global Anatomy has been filled with this adversity that the Modern form of Transformation, she needs is failing. The Global Anatomy is supposed to be filled with support for each other, through the provision of Love, processed Unity, Tranquility, Harmony and Respect for each other. Surprisingly, certain humans see themselves as the only Modus Operandi, though which all wealth, Resources and Labour are supposed to pass through. This has led to underdevelopment in the Global Anatomy, especially Africa. Every human is supposed to enjoy Freedom as an heir of God, but we have put ourselves in chains, because of our corrupt dispositions. It is time for us to rise! It is so saddening to see how people involve themselves in corrupt activities. They do this for their own good so as to acquire wealth and fame, forgetting that the end of all humanity and their generations is death. It is about time Africa has to rise up and begin to act proactively for Transformation, to prevail in the continent.

We have three forms of Corruption namely Grand Corruption, State Capture and Administrative Corruption. All these forms of Corruption are killing the African Anatomy, and it is time for CHANGEMAKERS to rise up and cause an end, to these debilitating threats. Grand Corruption involves the unscrupulous or unmerited claim of various business contracts. It involves the embezzlement of large amounts or sums of money or resources by people to favour their own course. It could be seeking to do projects in various political parties, getting favours for contracts in political offices and purchasing very expensive resources at low prices. These forms of corrupt practices involves manipulating the minds of owners of various facilities and resources through various bribes to own or use such resources. They usually involve large or huge quantities of resources and these are normally done by Politicians, State Ministers, Mayors and Governors. The Integrity of the Recipient Regions are distorted whenever Corruption takes over, but this continues to prevail because various stakeholders in charge of regulating and supervising such activities instead of protecting the dignity of their institutions rather allow these corrupt processes to take place, because of the small bribes, they receive. We can transform the systems to one guided by Probity and Accountability for all.
State Capture also involves people of high rank influences, influencing the minds of various stakeholders in decision and policy making, to alter their policies to suit their interests. Whenever this happens, the Power of the people fades away, and the Country begins to be run Dictatorially and Kleptocratically. We always see the Order of Transparency being marred. This is a threat to the Political Stability of any country, as this can spark anger in the hearts of The People to overthrow the sitting Government in Power by force, when it is not even their time and/or turn, to leave office for New General Elections and/or a new leader to take place and/or come into Power. Administrative Corruption also involves the daily manoeuvring by Citizens and Business Men and Women in our businesses and social trades, before a service is carried off. People are swayed to be dubious to favour their clients or customers, in their services through bribes and gifts. Most African Countries yearly are known to be  engaged in high levels of Grand Corruption and State Capture. All these need to come to an end if we want to see Africa transformed. Corruption eradicates the Dignity associated with an Institution or a National Anatomy. Let’s learn to be clean and Just in our ways. That’s how we can transform the Global Anatomy.

Racial Discrimination refers to the selective treatment meted out to preferred tribes by people while unpreferred tribes are treated with hatred and racial abuse. The Global Anatomy is faced with a high burden on this problem, as most whites look down on blacks on the colour of their skin. Indigenes within the various continents also segmentate themselves based on various class lines, such as economic lines, religious lines and educational lines. In the Global Anatomy, there is a high phenomenon of racial abuse on blacks meted out by the blacks than blacks abusing whites. Blacks are disrespected,  maltreated, disregarded and abused in many forms. In the African Anatomy, various tribes are seen as much more resourceful than others and as a result, are given much more dignity and honour than the others. The Global Anatomy has been torn apart by ethnic lines that we find it hard to see the good in others, to be able to have them making impact in the Global Anatomy. We see people with various talents and skills, but immediately they are known to be of a particular race or tribe, they are disadvantaged. The Global Anatomy is becoming gradually torn apart and filled with gross hatred and enmity amongst people. There are lots of People with kind hearts, good intentions, genuine ambitions, generous hearts and supportive spirits but some of these people have all turned to become wicked ones, because of the negative status quos attached to them.

In the African Anatomy, we take pride in various tribes than others and neglect people based on where they originate from. A lot of relationships have failed to become marriages because of the corresponding devaluation of due respect by the parents of those intending to marry.  Africa is gradually becoming less united because of these conditions, which are denying us of the Transformation, we need to make impact in the Global Anatomy. On the international scene, Africans are mostly hurt with such hindrances, but with persuasion and a surviving spirit, we have been able to reach the top. Leaders like Kofi Annan and Dr. Ngozi Okongo-Iweala of the World Trade Organisation have all reached the top, because they survived all these debilitating threats of discrimination. We must be able to tackle all these menaces for the Global Anatomy to Survive, because no matter what Freedom Giants will Survive, but we want the Global Anatomy to be included in this transformation. It is therefore time for us to be pragmatic CHANGEMAKERS by coming into action and always showing Love and Genuine care to all kinds of people, for the change, we want to see in the Global Anatomy.

Most of the Governments of National Anatomies, Administrations of Institutions and Managements of Organisations, have become selfish and wicked in the manner in which they use their power. This has brought enmity amongst various Leaderships and the People, leading to mediocrity in particularly Africa’s framework, of delivering excellent sustainable results in the short and long term  as a whole. Most of the Cabinets of various Governments have put in measures to ridicule the Democratic plan instituted within the framework of their constitutions, and are living based on kleptocratic lines and principles. The Democratic Representation in Economic and Financial Management, Equitable Distribution of the Nation’s resources, Decentralization, Democratic Leadership and the Voice of the People, are on the brink because of the deceitful and arrogant lifestyles, of some leaders. A lot of people with the competencies to manage Power have been sidelined because people are comfortable “chopping money,” in the positions they are in. We pride ourselves with National Anatomies having transparent and accountable systems, that are easily accessible, but it is otherwise. We are living with Kleptocratic leaders who are failing to lead Democratically and are posing a danger to the completion of the Millennium Development Goals, the African Anatomy has to fulfill individually as National Anatomies and a continent. When we look at the Millennium Development Goals right from MDG 1 to 8, which of them can we boast of as an African Anatomy in even halfway fulfilling? Is it MDG 1 which is Eradicating Extreme Poverty or 7 which is Ensuring Environmental Sustainability or 8 which is Developing a Global Partnership for Development??? We are rather opening a pathway for Imperialistic rule again!!!  AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is calling on the leaders of Africa to stand for Democratic, Inclusive and Harmonious Leadership for the Progression, we want in the African Anatomy.

We need to respect every Sector or Ministry of Government, Arm and/or Wing of Government and Region in Government if we want our Countries being transformed. Corruption has become a familiar trait in Africa. Leaders decide to go in for foreign negotiations to squander money for their benefit when there are phenomenally competent people likewise and even better, in Africa. If we want to see a Transformed African Anatomy, then there must be Equitable Participation Transparency and  Inclusiveness by all in our National Anatomies. Wickedness and Selfishness must come to a Halt! Our Leaders must sit up and rise up to the onus of serving in Genuine Leadership. We  must stand tall and not settle for less. This is the time for leaders to stand tall and prove, why they were called by God as Leaders, to serve the people. A critical assessment of their lives must be taken into consideration for the maintenance of a Prime Order of Genuine Hardwork, Genuine Productivity, An All Inclusive Representation and Maturity in Leadership for the Freedom we need. It is possible and it can be done.
We can do it. Transformation is possible. We need to acclimatise to Freedom, and work properly to ensure that we are administering our National Anatomies to safeguard the Freedom of the people. Let us do it. Let us stand tall and that is how we can see the next phase of Transformation in the African Anatomy, taking prevalence. Let us make it happen. Let us do it. Let us revolutionize the Global Anatomy. Let us transform the Global Anatomy. Let us be the trailblazers. Let us make it happen. Freedom in Africa is possible.

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