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The city of Tulsa is is located in the United States of America, at Oklahoma. The City was known at the time to be very populated with “Black Natives.” Tulsa had about 10,000 Blacks living there with a very productive business center known as the Black Wall Street. The Tulsa Anatomy was full of Unity, Love and Respect for each other. Terrorist acts begun in the city of Tulsa in 1921, which led to lives being displaced and destroyed during the course of the Tulsa Massacre from May 31 to June 1, in the year 1921.

The Tulsa Race Massacre which started begun when Dick Rowland 19 was stated of having assaulted Sarah Page 17. Dick Rowland was taken into custody but after sometime, residents heard from under sources, that he was going to be killed, because this had happened before the last year as Roy Belton, a white man was lynched. About white 100 men were surrounded around the jail. This triggered about 75 black men including Veterans from World War 1, to also go and see to it that Rowland would not be killed. The Sherif there by name Sheriff McCullough brought in various defences to prevent the Black Men from invading the prison yard and asked them to go.

Post this, lots of whites under the pretext of secondary white oppressors were provided with weapons to destroy homes and all that they could see in Tulsa, particularly at the Greenwood District. This was not an appealing note to some Blacks who after seeing the stand of Whites trying to ruin the city, tried to fight back, which led to The Tulsa Race Massacre.

About 10,000 black people became homeless during the Massacre. The terrorists burnt at least 35 huge buildings in Tulsa, injured at least 800 people with at least 36 people annihilated. There were a couple of incidents already ravaging the city of Tulsa. A black Man was asked by a white man to return his pistol after they left the prison yard in defence of Rowland. The Black Man by name O.B. Mann refused and the old man tried to take his pistol but he was shot by Mann, and this led to 12 people loosing their lives (10 white and 2 blacks).

Thousands of whites came into the streets of Greenwood District burning homes and businesses after the blacks left the prison in defence for Rowland. Sources from Pacesetters of African Voices International also reveal that, these injustices led to about 1,256 housed being burnt.

The charges against Rowland were dropped. In 1996, a commission by name The Oklahoma Commission which was formed from a bipartisan movement decided to study the Tulsa Massacre and come out with a final report. After the final report, their study revealed that there were certain Social Injustices which had been planned by Whites against Blacks in the city of Tulsa. They recommended that various scholarships and reparations be given to all natives of the victims affected by the Tulsa Race Massacre, which has been ongoing. They also recommended that a Park be constructed in memory of The Tulsa Massacre Victims. The park was made available in 2010. Since 2020, the history of the Tulsa Massacre has become a part of all schools in Oklahoma’s curriculum. Sources from Pacesetters of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL also reveal that at least 100 people lost their lives.

Post the 1921 Massacre, Black Tulsans have rebuilt the city. The Commission was renamed the Tulsa Race Massacre Commission in November 2018. A lot of Survivors left Tulsa but came back to help in the rebuilding of the city and become full residents of the city again.

We must live as one Anatomy and The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL mends The Tulsa Race Massacre Commission for the various recommendations they made and measures they implemented to put the Tulsa City back in place. Rejuventaion can only take place, when we begin to live in Freedom.


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