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The 🇲🇿Mozambique Civil War was a war that begun in 1977 two years after Mozambique gained Independence from Portugal, which was in 1975. There was unrest between MOZAMBIQUE LIBERATION FRONT(FRELIMO) which steered the Political Anatomy in Power, and headed by Samora Moisés Machel and RENAMO (MOZAMBIQUE RESISTANCE MOVEMENT) which was in opposition to FRELIMO and headed by André Matsangaissa. FRELIMO was supported by The Soviet Union whilst RENAMO was mainly supported by Rhodesia and later 🇰🇪Kenya and South Africa🇿🇦.

The war took place for 15 years as it ended on 4th October, 1992. The cause of the war dates back to 1976 when military personnel from Rhodesia which was at the time controlled by the Whites came to 🇲🇿Mozambique, to loosen the strengths of the ZIMBABWE AFRICAN NATIONAL LIBERATION ARMY(ZANLA), which had most of their soldiers in Mozambique. The Rhodesian Soldiers freed André Matsangaissa who was once a part of FRELIMO, and in the course arrested and jailed.

André Matsangaissa when freed, joined The RENAMO Anatomy in 1975, and became the head of the Front Millitary Anatomy. Matsangaissa died in 1979 when there was a plot which was not successful, against the Mozambican🇲🇿 Regional Centre but however, leaving André Matsangaissa dead.

AFONSO DHLAKAMA after the death of André Matsangaissa, became the new Head of RENAMO. The RENAMO Anatomy fought against the Political Anatomy of Mozambique which was spearheaded by FRELIMO Anatomy at the point in time. RENAMO lost support from Rhodesia when President Mugabe came to power and changed the name of Rhodesia to 🇿🇼Zimbabwe. The Zimbabwean🇿🇼 National Anatomy now under the leadership of President Mugabe was now supporting the FRELIMO Anatomy but RENAMO got support from Kenya and South Africa.

The RENAMO Anatomy invaded towns and less inhabited cities to get more people trained as soldiers in her army. Children were all trained and they brought a new act called Gamdira where they made village women prepare food, send goods and products, weapons to their members in other vicinities and towns. Injutices went on there as not only were children engaging in Millitary activities but most of the RENAMO soldiers also slept with the women in the villages. The struggle became massive now between RENAMO and FRELIMO. In the course of the fight, France and the United Kingdom together with the Soviet Union and Rhodesia provided support for FRELIMO whilst The United States joined Kenya and South Africa in supporting The RENAMO Anatomy.

The leader of FRELIMO; 🇲🇿President Samora Moisés Machel passed away when his airplane crashed around the borders of South Africa🇿🇦. This led to Joaquim Alberto Chissano succeeding President Machel. About a million died during this war which took place for 15 years.

🇲🇿Mozambique implemented a new democratic constitution that opened the door for Multi-Party Elections, in 1990. 2 years later(1992), The United Nations signed a Peace Treaty in Italy which provided for Peacekeepers of The United Nations to come to 🇲🇿Mozambique and also help steer affairs correctly in Mozambique. In 1994, after the Peacekeepers came, 🇲🇿 Mozambique had their first Free Elections with FRELIMO winning the Elections with Joaquim Chissano of FRELIMO winning the 88 percent voter turnout Elections over Afonso Dhlakama of RENAMO with 53. 30 percent of the votes.

AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is elated about the Rejuvenation, The National Anatomy of 🇲🇿Mozambique is enjoying currently as she enjoys sound Democratic Freedom with 🇲🇿President Filipe Nyusi, currently in his second term of office as President of the country. FREEDOM IS SECURITY and Africa can only get better when we defend our Security, walk in Unity and in Tranquility, to the highest pedestal.


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