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The African Anatomy has not come far just by relaxing. The African Anatomy has not come far, just like that. Natives of the African Anatomy do not take pride in Africa, just because of how it is. Every patriotic African cherishes Africa, because of how industrious Africa has become. We do not have a bond amongst ourselves based on our bloodlines. No! We see ourselves as one, because we are from one African race. Africa has come a very long way and we still have a long way to go in achieving our aims and visions of becoming a First Class Continent. We have a long way to go, but we have to hold strong on ourselves as one, and put in practical steps in achieving our Visions.

The various agendas, policies and projects, African Political Anatomies have committed themselves to, to develop their economies, cannot be attained just like that. There are various practical steps that both the Citizenry and the Political Anatomies must take, to be able to successfully reach these targets on time. We must not only say, but we must also be pragmatic with our speeches, to be able to reach our targets on time.  AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL  has expounded on three measures needed by the African Anatomy to reach these targets, and we believe that, Africa can go a long way forward, in reaching these targets.

Government Equity in Developmental Projects is a quintessential approach towards achieving Global Targets, by African Governments for the responding survival of our National Anatomies. All projects that are undertaken by our Governments, must not be under particular suburbs in our countries. There must be whole inclusiveness of all the structures in our countries. Both Rural and Urban areas must all have equitable shares, in the distribution of the National Cake. We have Ministers and Parliamentarians in every region coordinating the administrative plan by The Presidents of our National Anatomies. These functionaries must be able to play equitable roles that will lead to equitable results, for the equitable growth in the development of our countries. The administrative settings must all be strictly geared towards an equitable agenda, which must be the center of our Governments projects, for the change, we need to see, in Africa. We must all be concerned about each other, that we do not take half measures, in whatever we do. If something must be done, it must be done, excellently. Our Service to the nation, must be done with extra care. We must not only think of the receipts we will receive at the end of the day, but we must think of the populace; those in need that we do not even see or will not never meet, and act promptly. We must learn to show compassion towards all areas in which we are assigned roles, and that’s how, our countries will experience Freedom. Whether an individual is made a Headmistress of a basic school, one is made the Director of a Bank, the Head of a District Hospital or the Mayor of a city, we all must learn to play our roles excellently that will exhibit fairness, in the administrative roles, we are assigned to, and that’s how the entirety of our nations will experience Freedom. When we are fair, every nook and cranny of our nations will experience Freedom. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all leaders and the Governments to act fairly and proactively for the Africa, we need to see, to come to being.

Creating a balanced sense of self dependence is a quintessential aim of eschewing superiority and inferiority as well amongst as a people in our National Anatomies. All Political Anatomies must learn to sponsor the needy and those in abject poverty to help the balanced progression of our societies. Yes, some Governments in Africa are doing this, but much attention needs to be given to this. We are missing out on a whole lot of needy but intelligent ones, who are not able to express themselves, simply because of the state they are in. Our Governments need to focus very much on making life much better for all. That should be their top most priorities; helping those with poor incomes. There must be policies where people with poor remunerations are given certain exemptions to make them have satisfied conditions, in areas of their lives they need most. It is not about we transporting people in need abroad. It is about we creating the environment for them to soar here. We must open the doors for everyone to breakthrough in life, if we call ourselves democratic leaders, with the ambitions of making life fair and easier as well, for all.

All Citizens must also learn to play their roles, in making the African Anatomy a perfect one. We must not be persuaded to perform certain roles. We must not be instructed to perform certain roles. No! We must learn to play certain roles willingly. We must learn to do certain things with passion. We must see certain things as an onus on us, in making our nations thrive. It is a Service, and if it must be done, it must be done well. The rich must learn to help the poor. They must learn to do this silently. They must not be talking about this or force those they help to talk about this. But those they help, should give testimony to such benevolent ones. The Global Anatomy has now become a strange one. People help others because of the name, they will get and the celebrations they will be praised with. You find older ones tearing other good Legends down all to have the good name only to themselves. We are spoiling our generation. We need to reason up, and be wise.  Africa is not for a group of people. Africa is for a wider audience, created by God to glorify him. Let us be people of Care and Love. Let us put all parochial desires to the Grave, and reason up for the benefit of the entire Global Anatomy. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats us all to stand tall and be each others keeper. Let us be a blessing to each person who comes around us, and make the Global Anatomy, a much better place.

We can create an advanced system in Africa where prosperity thrives in every region, we have in our nations. We can create Self-reliant economies and build a better future for all. It all lies to us. How are we living our lives? How are governing our territories? We can do it. We need to be extra indefatigable, supportive, loving and caring to be able to reach our targets. Let us revolutionize the African Anatomy. Let us transform the African Anatomy. Let us make it happen.

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