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The African Anatomy has been mistreated. The African Anatomy has been dehumanised. The African Anatomy has been misdefined. Our identity has been stolen. We have been mishandled. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is here to tell all natives of the African Anatomy, not to substitute their identity for temporary wealth. Africa is a place of Freedom, and we sabotage our lives by placing our lives into bondage, when we trade our lives for temporary wealth and temporary survival. Now is the time for a restored Africa; a place of Permanent Honour, Wealth, Excellence, Peace and Love and Dignity. Let us walk in the African Renaissance. Let us not trade our Freedom for anything.

Africa is and has always been a habitation with enough natural resources, enough human expertise and wealth to take care of herself. Africa has always been a habitation of Freedom, Peace and Unity. Human Sufficiency has always been at its best in the African Anatomy We have dwelt in Peace and Love, in the African Anatomy disregarding our area of abode as a means of superiority and have rather used that as a strength to signify our bond as an Anatomy. Unfortunately, we created certain loopholes, in our structure as an Anatomy, and have allowed foreigners to misdefine, dehumanise and devalue us of our rights, identity and honour. This is the time for us to cause a Revival. This is the time for us to take back the stolen wealth. This is the time for us to take back the stolen identity. This is the time for us to take back our pride as people of Africa, with a cherished dignity.

Self-determination is the first factor, we as an Anatomy in Africa, can build upon to take back what belongs to us; our lost identity, purpose, wealth, unity and honour. Each African must courageously stand as a soldier passionately, ready to achieve victory for the continent. Each one must be able to get up from his or her sleep, and open his eyes to the lies said about us, the harms caused us, the threat posed at us and the daylight robbery meted on our land. We must wake up to see what has been dine to us. We must get up and build all the confidence, we need to take back, what has been stolen from us. We need to be intentionally focused on restoring our Freedom. We need to be committed to the purpose of restoring Freedom, back to Africa. Africa was never a mediocre place. Africans were never poor. Africans were never enslaved. We allowed it on ourselves. And this is the time for us take back what belongs to us. Africans were not sick. Now sicknesses and diseases have become a major pain to Africa. We allowed foreigners to take our land for their own businesses, and that is why, we are where, we are now.  The Westerners took over trade in Africa and used it for their profits, whist se we stayed around and watched them, steal our source of wealth. We overlooked the harm being caused to our future and allowed our resources to be exchanged for our own royals. This is why our economies and people are the way, they are. Nevertheless, we have to stand tall. This is the time for the needed revolutionization, the African Anatomy needs. AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all Africans to wake up from their sleep and slumber and reinforce themselves towards proactively working to build a better future for our land. We can only be better, when we wake up and that is what, we must do.

Freedom can only be achieved when we are ready to fight the Battle. We must fight every area of harm that has been meted on us. We must fight back and take what belongs to us. We must wake up to the fall and claim our dignity, heritage, pride and stolen resources. We must not settle for less because we are not a mediocre oriented people, and until we fight back, we will still be where we are. Freedom comes out of Survival and out of Survival comes people who have fought for what they deserve and are victorious, and ready to stand for victory at all times. We must claim what belongs to us. Day in, day out, the challenges, that we face are new and enormous and we must strategically fight to retain our position as dignified and free beings and be promoted to the nee level, we deserve. We have depleted to zero and this is not something, we must make history of. Europeans were middlemen in our own land, where they extracted our goods and resources at their own prices and very painfully, also took our people as workers to build their empires and paid us at regrettable prices. We were used to build their factories and industries. They can never boast or their own self relied efforts in getting to where they are. We were used. Our strong men and women were used as slaves for work. They humiliated us and made mockery of us. Now is the time for us to build back. This is the time for us to build Africa, with our own hands, skills and knowledge to show the Global Anatomy, what we are made of. We are not a people of defeat, shame, mediocrity, lack and foolishness. We are a people of Excellence, Strength, Peace and Love, Joy, Bravery and Innovativeness. The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all Africans in the diaspora to come back and build on their soils or even to invest in Africa from wherever they are, for the future, the African Anatomy needs as a people.

Patriotism is the last thing, AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL will press on. We must be Patriotic natives of our own land. We must cherish the land, our forefathers and mothers, great grandfathers and mothers were birthed from, and where we ourselves, were birthed from. We must be Nationalistic natives. We must cherish Africa with all our hearts. This must be at the center of our lives. We must start to consume African goods, wear African clothes, prefer African factories’ goods and patronise African Innovators. We must patronise our own. We must stand for our own. We must celebrate our own and be jubilant of what we have. That is how the African Anatomy can develop into a First Class World. We must learn to praise those who are bringing goods from Africa to the Global Level, and do our best to also advertise them, and play our role in also making them world renowned products. Let us celebrate Africa, into becoming what and where, she must be. This is how Africa can reclaim what belongs to her.

The African Anatomy is the next center for Global Development. The African Anatomy is the next destination for Global Trade and Investment. The African Anatomy is the next hub, where people will learn Freedom from. We can do it. Let us possess what belongs to us. Let us change Africa into what she must be; a place of Freedom. Let us play our roles well, in taking Africa to the promised land for the realisation of Freedom, not only in Africa, but the Global Anatomy. Let us transform the African Anatomy. Let us revolutionize the African Anatomy. Let us be the pacesetters of change and Freedom, the Global Anatomy, needs! We can do it. Let us make it happen.

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