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The Global Anatomy is changing. There is a new phase of change in an area of the Global Anatomy. New Legends are coming up. New innovations are springing forth. Emancipation is taking it’s head, there. Development is springing and Colonisation has been forgotten. Something new is happening and it is taking place in the African Anatomy. Africa is emerging into her original form; one of Freedom and Peace. This is the time for Africa, to take back what belongs to her; her original self. This is the time for Africa, to rise up!

Africans were misidentified. Africans were degraded. That enslavement was not us. The real Africa is at the top. It is time for us to rise to the top. We are not fighting with any body, but we have and must get to the top. We need our own Freedom! The quest to see Africa on top, is an Agenda that cannot be mishandled. Daily improvisations that lead to improvements in the economies, of our National Anatomies must be given enough applauds. We have to move forward now. There is no other time other than now. Whether you are in university, creche, middle school, or a retiree, the time for the Revolution is now! The time is Now! We must not look to any other or elsewhere.

Africa has got all the goods! Africa has all the talents, skills and resources for a shift in our Development Agenda.  Africans are the Voice. We have the change, the Global  Anatomy needs. Let us raise our voices. Yes, we can. Let us be the standard, the Global Anatomy needs. We can change the Global Anatomy  by reflecting Excellence, in our societies, institutions, Governing Systems and everywhere.  Africa has been mishandled. The African Anatomy needs to be revolutionized. Be the Gamechanger. We must not settle for less. We are far better. We can do more. We can live in excellence. Our children can be pampered. Our youths can be great intellectuals. Our adults can be great mentors. The aged can be Legends.

Something right must be done. Let us not settle for less. Africa is rising. Enough of the cynicism by corrupt leaders. Let us not rely on anything outside Freedom. Let us only settle and live in Freedom. All Giants of Freedom are associated with hardwork, focus and courage. Let’s be radical and bear good fruits in our versatile approach towards a genuine Freedom. It all lies down to us. When Westerners cannot contain Africa anymore, they’ll leave. Martin Luther King said “our lives begin to end, when we become silent about the things that matter.” That’s very true.

AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats all Africans to raise their voices, about things that matter. Of course, if things must be done, they must be done in the right way. And we must not be silent!! Let us revolutionize the African Anatomy. Let us transform the Global Anatomy. Let us not settle for less. Let us make it happen. Let us raise our Voices.

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