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Colonel Mamady Doumbouya’s interim Government continues to face pressure from opposition blocs with new protests in the Prime of its embarkment. Conakry the capital of Guinea has been faced with lots of massive protests since Colonel Mamady Doumbouya ousted the long serving autocratic leader, Mr. Alpha Condé who ruled from 2010 to 2021 as President of The Guinean National Anatomy.

Various protests have been led by the Living Forces of Guinea which consists of Political Parties, Trade Unions and Non-Governmental Organisations which has caused deaths and injuries and deaths to innocent lives in the country.

Mr. Alpha Condé had defied the essence of his Government as a favourable Political Anatomy and had been living as an autocratic leader, after some time in his tenure as President. Mr. Conde of the Rally of the Guinean People Party, after winning the 2015 elections for his second term, reset the Constitution to allow him go in for two more terms as President of The Guinean Anatomy. This move was detested which led to his removal in 2021 after he won the 2020 General Elections which according to most Citizens of The National Anatomy, was also rigged. Interim Guinean Junta headed by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya that ousted Ex-President Alpha Conde in September 2021 promised to restore Democratic Leadership to the National Anatomy of Guinea for the restoration of Democratic and Political Freedom in the country. Opposition blocs have not sided with this voice from Colonel Mamady Doumbouya and have engaged in massive protests, which has led to people being injured as well people loosing their lives.

The interim Government in the quest of restoring a credential Political Anatomy has asked the Army to join the Police of Guinea in fighting against the violent protest carried out by the opposition. The Interim Junta had promised to ensure a Democratic Transition for a credential Political Anatomy by the end of 2024. The Global Freedom Board of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL entreats The Guinean Anatomy to remain calm and Cooperate with the Interim Guinean Junta for a credible, fast and totalitarian transition for the well being of all citizens.


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