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When we talk of scars, what do we mean by scars? Metaphorically, scars are the Mark of strides which serve as recoveries, which Freedom Giants have on them, as a symbol of their feat and Survival into Freedom. Freedom Giants are Leaders and every Leader has had a scar in his life. Freedom Giants are champions who have Survived and not just survived, but Survived Trailblazingly. We must never be shy of our scars. Scars call for celebrations. Our scars are memories. Freedom Giants, we must never forget about our scars.

There are two kind of scars. We have the Rehabilitation scars and the Dissoution scars. Rehabilitation scars are the scars people incur as a result of their sacrifice, to bring reformation of Democratic Freedom to the people. Dissolution scars are the punishments people incur as a result of their horrendous attempt to dissolute regimes worthy of emulation, who are fighting for Freedom. Dissolution scars bring pain and unending trauma until such people have a change of mind. All kinds of Scars can be either visible or invisible scars. Visible scars are obviously the scars that are seen on the Anatomy of Humans. Of course some of these scars could be punishments to people who committed some adverse acts like robbery, and they were beaten and lynched by others. Those are also dissolution scars. Because they attempted to corrupt phenomenal strifes. There are also invisible scars where people have been jailed for their wrongdoing and that left a footprint of scar on their hearts. We must be able to differentiate from these scars. As Freedom Giants, we move with Rehabilitation scars both visible and invisible.

The African Anatomy has been characterized with Rehabilitation scars that we must never relent to celebrate. Our scars of colonial rule is what has given us the stand to celebrate independence struggles annually in our National Anatomies. At all times, we must be Relentless in our quest to celebrate our Scars. This is because, we won. All Genuine Freedom Giants are winners.

Nelson Mandela had a Rehabilitation scar. He was imprisoned for 27 years for seeking to end apartheid rule in the African Anatomy. That left a scar on him during his time of imprisonment and after being released. Though the scars the imprisonment left on him weren’t visible by all to see, it left an imprint in him, which he celebrates even in his grave. That was an imprint of recovery and he was proud of this imprint. The ability for us to celebrate our scars, shows we are Relentless. It shows we are conquerors. We must never allow anyone to belittle our competence. Global Women, don’t shed any tears on your scars. They are marks of Rejuvenation!!! You are Winners!!! The fact that other people gave in to mediocrity or gave up, stopped their course, or died in the course of their journey does not mean you will do same. You are Freedom Giants and you will never succumb to mediocrity, end your course or die! Scars are a confirmation that you won. They are a reminder of how life tried to stretch you, but how you stood Relentless. As Freedom Giants, we have to be proud of our scars. We have to admire our scars. They are what make us.

Scars make us pursue the real purpose. When we remember the scars, it serves as a reminder for us to never linger, but to pursue our assignments. They serve as reminders. Scars remind us to stand tall. When we remember the perilous times we have been through, we dare not decide to live anyhow. No! We guard our feats. President Biden of USA in the Global Anatomy had a dream of becoming a President of the American Anatomy, one day. However, he had his whole family dying through a car accident, but he never gave in. He was Relentless.

We must stand strong at all times. We must never forget our scars. They do not break us, but they challenge us to do more. We must at all times be Relentless and be strengthened to move forward. Our scars are our religion. They are our fortitude. We must never forget them. We must write books about it. Scars push us to continue. Sometimes even in the process of standing tall, there may be various injuries you may incur. These are injuries of humiliation, rejection, betrayal, envy and abuse. But as Freedom Giants, we do not succumb to that. We survive and we just don’t survive but we survive Trailblazingly. Now the scars (memories) we see from these must always remind us, to do more. Scars are a reminder that we fought back. We must always look back and remember our scars. They are a reminder that we Relentlessly fought back. They are celebrations to us. We must stand strong about this.

Scars should provoke us to do more. Scars push us to do more. Scars provoke us to do more. Whenever we remember the healing, we must be provoked to fight for those who are going through such droughts. We must stand tall.

Let us remain Relentless. Our Scars are a plus to us. Let us keep on Revolutionizing the Global Anatomy. Let us keep on transforming the Global Anatomy. Let us make it happen.

Kindly note: The Council of Generals together with all Freedom Giants of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL forbid tribal marks. My Lecture today does not in anyway condone Tribal Marks. Those are also dissolute Marks and abusive.


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