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Loads of prisoners from The Syrian Anatomy, particularly political prisoners who were imprisoned for speaking in various ways against the Syrian Government, have been in these Prisons over decades and some have gone missen with their families manhunting for their Human Anatomies, not knowing if they have been annihilated or sent somewhere unknown.

Most families from The Syrian Anatomy whose relatives have gone missen inside Prisons in Syria have paid huge sums of dollars to people who are known as Middle men to be able to help find the locations of their relatives who have not been seen for years, since they were captured into the Prisons. Some of these relatives whenever they hear strangers knocking their doors become alarmed not knowing if it is their lost family member returning or news concerning the whereabouts of their missen imprisoned relatives being reported to by a personnel.

Some people have been in Prisons for speaking against the Political Authorities since their teenage years and have not been seen nor their whereabouts known for sometime. People have to normally pay some amount to be able to have a clue of the near about of their relatives in prison who are even not known for their whereabouts

Some soldiers were also imprisoned after the Syrian 2011 uprising which saw mass demonstrations for Political Reforms in Syria. Some of these Security personnel were imprisoned because they did not shoot against the mass protestors and have been kept in Prisons with their families not knowing their whereabouts since they were imprisoned. The Syrian issue is one of mass concern and AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL calls on the Government of Syria to stand for Freedom and ensure that everyone’s rights are not infringed or abused in any way.


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