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Lawyer Kenneth Agyei Kuranchie, a Politician, a Lawyer and a Journalist from The Ghanaian Anatomy. who duals as the CEO of DAILY SEARCHLIGHT, was interviewed by President of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL; Isaac Kwabena Boadu on 9th April 2024 on the ASCENSION IN NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Lawyer Ken Kuranchie started in his journalism journey first of all with the P&P Newspaper, then as an editor for the Chronicles newspaper and formed his own newspaper by name, DAILY SEARCHLIGHT.

Lawyer Kuranchie in the interview stated that Political Parties that come to power, must remain focused to their ideologies and not be distracted to mislead the people anyhow.

He also stated that knowledge is the main basis of human transformation and as a result people should work towards their knowledge base, know their rights, what they can do for themselves and how they can have a better society.

Lawyer Ken Kuranchie, a former member of the Incumbent Government’s Party; New Patriotic Party has exited and has transitioned as an Independent Parliamentary Candidate ahead of the 2024 December Elections for The Ghanaian Anatomy.

In 2023, Hon. Kenneth Kuranchie filed a suit against an Ex-President of The Ghanaian Anatomy, John Dramani Mahama, of which he claimed that Mr. Mahama was not eligible to contest in the upcoming elections slated for December 2024. Mr. Kuranchie stated that according to Article 66 (1) and (2) of the 1992 Constitution, anyone seeking a second term must be a sitting President.

Hon. Kuranchie has been a core member of the New Patriotic Party till his exit prior to the 2024 Elections. Hon. Ken Kuranchie aside a Politician is also an Entrepreneur who produces shito, sobolo and other herbs for curing various ailments. He stated that if he comes to power as a Member of Parliament for the Okaikoi North Constituency, he can employ about 10,000 people to help resolve the unemployment case.

The Global Freedom Board of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL encourages all youths from The Ghanaian Anatomy to stand by Lawyer Kenneth Kuranchie as we walk the journey of Freedom and indeed, we will see ascendancy.


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