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The Ghanaian Anatomy is set to join the train of African countries to be using The HIV Self Testing Device which is a testing device, that allows people to check for their HIV Status at their own private locations or their homes without going to the hospital.

The Ministry of Health in Ghana collaboration with The Ghana Aids Commission will be launching the operation of the self test at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly on the 19th of July. The activity is to encourage people who don’t want to go to health centers for such tests to have a self test and know their status so they can know the way forward. About 29 percent of people all over the world are living with HIV but are unaware. In Ghana, about 346,120 people have been specified by the Ghana Aids Commission in Ghana, an agency responsible for the education and administering of HIV/AIDS services for the Ghanaian Anatomy, as people living with HIV/AIDS in the country. According to the Ghana Aids Commission, 34 % of such people are males whiles 66 % are females.

The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL encourages all partners to keep on using the ABC method (Abstinence, Being faithful to your sexual partner or usage of condoms) to help alleviate the prevalence of HIV all over the world. The use of condoms must be strategically at hand to prevent various diseases that could lead to possible health complications and deaths as sexual intercourse is the main stream of HIV/AIDS across the world. A couple of countries like The South African, Basotho, Nigerian, Senegalese, Ivorian, Cameroonian and liSwati Anatomies have all formally used the Self Testing Device with good feedbacks.


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