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At least 2,000 people residing in Libya have lost their lives after a heavy rain down pour which led to two dams in North East Libya collapsing resulting in the water in these dams overflowing and spilling to various vicinities and suburbs in North Eastern Libya. The floods were mostly felt in Derma in North Eastern Libya.

Sources close to AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL reveal that about 5000 to 6000 people have been reported missen. The Libyan Anatomy currently has two Governments situated in the East and the West of Libya that rule separately. The East has their head in Tobruk with Mr. Fathi Bashagha as the Head, where the Parliament seat is located whilst the West is located in Tripoli with Mr. Abdulhamid Al-Dbeibah as the Head. This Political segmentation sparkled after the series of violence that took place after the annihilation of one of the Godfathers of the African Anatomy; Muammar Gadaffi, from Libya in 2011. Tripoli is located in the West and does not have power over Eastern Libya currently.

Cars have been swept away with people missen whilst people have also passed on. The United Nations have stated that they are following the issue in the country and will provide relief items and aid if necessary, to the flood-hit country. Mr. Fathi Bashagha who rules from Tripoli also facilitates some proceedings from The Bank of Libya which is responsible for the disbursement of funds to various agencies and institutions across the country. Mr. Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah is looking forward to receiving funds from The United Nations to be able to help foster renovation projects to keep the country under control following the flood that has hit the country. Mr. Abdulhamid al-Dbeibah was already ruling the Libyan Anatomy before Mr. Fathi Bashagha was voted into Power by the Libyan Parliament based in Tobruk to also rule the country.

The GLOBAL FREEDOM BOARD of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL is calling on the Government of Libya to rule the Libyan Anatomy as a Political Anatomy where there is a single Government that rules from one end and rules both West and East regions of the Libyan Anatomy, for the Democratic Allegiances we want in Africa.


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