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Ernestina Titila Silá, a 1943 born, is one of the pioneers of freedom in Africa, whose personality has strengthened Women Empowerment in Africa. She was a strong part of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde. She played instrumental roles in saving Guinea from the wicked leadership, of the Oppresive Portugese leaders. She was someone with high leadership skills, who used it to save her country, as she fought for freedom, for her country. She was simply a patriotic lady, a team player, full of boldness and courage in all her dealings.

As young as 18 years old, Ernestina Silá started making her name in the Camp of PAIGC, as a bold Freedom Fighter and a feminist. She supported her leader, Amilcar Cabral, the founder of PAIGC, in fighting for the independence of Guinea. She joined the Guerilla war, the war for Political Sovereignty, which was fought between the inhabitants of Guinea and the Portuguese, who had taken power over the Guinean land. This war lasted from 1963 to 1974 and in the camp of Guinea Bissau, their leader was, Amilcar Cabral. However, in the struggle for independence and freedom in Guinea, Amilcar Cabral died. She embarked on a journey to the funeral with other freedom fighters to pay their last respect, to their Godfather, Amilcar Cabral. She was killed by Portuguese assassins, as she was sailing with a canoe, on the journey to pay her last respect to Amilcar Cabral. She died on 30th January 1973. She has being remembered ever since as a heroine for females in search for Freedom, and an Icon of Freedom, as well, in Guinean and Africa. Her lifestyle shows an leader full of boldness, charisma, determination and hope for Freedom.

We can all learn from her, to be distinct, fearless, courageous and determined young people with the hope and faith to fight for freedom, till we see it. We must be the pacessters of freedom, live in it and die in it. Yes we can! Let’s live to see very single individual, living indeed as masters of their own lives. Let’s see that humanity thrives and lives affluent lives, where no one can abuse others or discriminate each other. Let us ensure equality and promote Order. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy.


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