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Our voices are what makes the connection to our mind and souls. We are in some way the sound of life. African Voices International is taking relationship beyond boundaries, not just territories but beyond the limits of normal behavior. As human beings, we have our map of the world. We basically live in two worlds: The world outside our skin and the world inside our skin. Our cognitive minds have adopted our experiences and pushed us to become the person we are today. We are not bad or good or better. We are but the product of our lifetime experiences. We are what makes our map of the world.

Yet very often we forget that our relationship with the world starts with our relationship with ourselves. How do I view myself? On what regards do I deserve to see the world? Who made me have an overview of the world I live in? At the very outset, we are social animals. Yes, we form part of animal kingdom but we are impregnated with an intelligence both basic and complex. We often forget that we are here on this planet only for a few years in the span of infinity. We spend countless hours and days and months and years pretending that everything is going well while our minds know that we are but a speck. We spend our most used and fragile state of mind called emotion to drive the elephant of our lives. Social relationship is a need that you and I have at the base of our existence. You cannot support my effort and I cannot support your effort if the word social didn’t exist. You are what I am afterall. You will see in me what is there in you afterall. I am but your reflection indeed.

As above, so below. Our need to get together is social. Our only way to bind our objectives as human beings is through relationships. Every person I meet, you meet, we meet are meant to be met. We are but the dots we connect. Let us together and forever remind ourselves that we are here to stay for a while and we are meant for bigger and better purpose than just following or leading. Make yourself be that kind of social human in whom the generations to come will perceive in the divine books or clouds.

Let us be Relentless in our pursuit for a better world, a better African world . Africa is the cradle of humanity. It is not just me saying this but it is proven in deep archaeological evidence. Humanity began in Africa. Yes, our primary ancestors are African. I am Africa. My genes emanate from Africa. I will protect my land from evil and ignite our need to stop fragilising and becoming magnetic. We have to develop a relationship, a binding, a bond and a glue of strength. Hello my brothers and sisters Freedom Giants, what are you waiting for to turn yourself inward and speak to yourself by saying, “I am a Freedom Giant.” “I can take care of my emotions, my relationship, my sacredness, my sanctity.” “That in me is a true and authentic person ready to talk about relationships.” It takes gut to go out and scream at the top of the mountain that you are a social and spiritual being. My fellow Freedom Giants, I now close by thanking the Global Freedom Board of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL For the opportunity.


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