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As Freedom Giants, we must stay Relentless. We must not give in. We must stand strong to our convictions. We are not barren. We are not mediocre. We are productive people.

The systems of life are meant to impoverish us of our rights. They are meant to derail us. They are meant to pollute us. They are meant to kill us. But we can thrive when we remain Relentless. We can stand tall when we remain Relentless. Let us stand tall as Freedom Giants.

when they misbehave. No! We teach them lessons so that they do not take us for granted and misbehave again. We have to be Relentless as Freedom Giants. Yes, we have to be Relentless as an Anatomy! We have to be Relentless!! Yes!!! That is what we have to do!!! That is what and who we are!!!!

As Freedom Giants, we must never at any point in time forget ourselves. We must never forget what onus, we function as, in the world. Freedom Giants in the Global Anatomy must always be sensitive and always move ahead, at all times. We must be our own alarms. We must be sensitive to each time, and play our roles without being called upon first. We must be the Ambassadors of change even if we are the single ones out. We must not be moved by systems meant to derail us down. Once we are Relentless, we will thrive in Freedom, automatically.

As Freedom Giants, we must celebrate ourselves at all times. We must boast about our Freedom. When we boast about our Freedom, we attract those in search of light to join us. We must show that we are Freedom Giants everywhere, we go. We must stand tall for change. We must not be enemies to what we truly, desire for. We must be visionaries. We must be hopeful about out future. We must stand strong and that’s how we can achieve REJUVENATION. We must value ourselves. We must value our dignity. We must not allow ourselves to be snobbed by others. We must stand the test of time and refine the systems.

We must not be perturbed when oppositions leave us. We have to stand tall and seek for the Rejuvenation of Relentless Freedom Giants. Let us Transform the Global Anatomy. Let us Revolutionize the Global Anatomy. We are Pacesetters. We are Masterpieces. We are Revolutionists. Let us make it happen, Freedom Giants.


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