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Vigilance means being very careful, articulate of your disposition and conduct to avoid a possible danger in the now, or in the possible future. As Freedom Giants, we must be careful of what we do, how we do things, what we put ourselves in, and the people we invest in or partner with.

Every one and thing we co-operate with has an analogical effect on us, and that is why we must be very careful at all times, so we make the right decisions. We must make decisions that bring us Freedom in the long run and not bondages in the long run term period. As Freedom Giants, we must understand that we are Masterpieces all the time and as a result we must never linger or walk in jeopardy or in misleading journeys. Now how do we walk as Vigilant Freedom Giants?

As Freedom Giants we must at all times follow the terms and codes of the Organisations, Companies, Institutions or Associations, we commit ourselves into. We must at all times stand tall and make sure nothing becomes an interjection into the flow of tenets and virtues we commit ourselves to as Freedom Giants in the Organisations we work with. We must at all times make sure we are very careful so as not to be swayed by various people whose mediocre lifestyles have a tendency to deter us from walking in Excellence. We must at all times understand the terms and conditions of whichever commitment, which we join ourselves to, and make sure we Reman Relentless as long as we are part of the agreement. We must at all times make sure that we walk straight forward, and follow the terms at hand not for ourselves, but for the Freedom of the people. We must also learn to seek advice from people of higher ranks in the Organisation or Association, we put ourselves in. That is how we in our own selves can enjoy the Freedom, we also sort for.

As Freedom Giants, we must learn to follow our tasked priorities at all times. We must make sure that nothing becomes an impediment to the flow of services we have to play in the Organisation. We have to make sure that we wholeheartedly follow our tasked priorioties with discipline and walk with it to see to the continuous excellence of the Organisation. If we do not want to be a part of the Organisation or Venture, we must clearly give out our minds to the Executives or Honourables in the Organisation. But as long as we are in the Organisation, we must make sure, we follow our priorities otherwise, we remain a threat to the Organisation.

As Honourable Leaders, we must take precautions at all times. Leaders are pioneers and in every project we take, we must know that there is a capability to be let down by a fellow. In every project we take, we must always have fine substitutes or replacemets to come in, should other fellows fail to come in or fulfill their assignments. We must always be proactive and tenacious in our deliveries. We must move with a passionate drive, that makes our names always ring a bell in the hearts of other Freedom Giants. We must stand out loud. We must speak the truth!

As Freedom Giants, we must never be ignorant of various threats or signals of the opposition towards us, as Freedom Giants­čĄ║. There may be always oppositions. These oppositions may be within or outside. There may be both primary oppressors and/or secondary oppressors amongst us, and we must be very careful with the steps we take. We must be careful at all times and walk in codes at all times. Oppressors may be amongst us, but as long as they are not with us, they can even stay with us for years, yet not catch what we are saying. Oppressors are like stratus. They are so visible and we must not be blindfolded not to see them. We must be aware of them all the time, and walk prudently. We are Freedom Giants!

We must as Freedom Giants make sure we analyse our inputs, our works and the outputs, we bring out at all times, to make sure that we bring nothing but the best, that the Society needs. The world keeps changing and as Freedom Giants, we must make sure that we refine our steps at all times to bring the finest of outputs at all times, in the Global Anatomy. We must be able to rise beyond the debilitating threats of people and bring out the best and greatest of outputs at all times.
Let us revolutionize the Global Anatomy but be vigilant Freedom Giants in the process of the Revolution. Let us be Relentless as Freedom Giants. Let us be watchful and proactive in all we do. That is how we can build an Excellent Global Anatomy. Let us transform the Global Anatomy. Let us make it happen. We are Pacesetters. We are Pioneers. We are Indefatigable Revolutionists. We are Changemakers. Let us make it happen

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