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The Liberian Anatomy celebrates their Independence Anniversary on 26th July to mark their independence which makes them the first independent country in Africa.

The celebration officially took place at Montserrado County in Monrovia; Liberia on the theme, GIVING OUR PEOPLE HOPE FOR A VIOLENCE-FREE, FAIR TRANSPARENT, INCLUSIVE, AND CREDIBLE ELECTIONS. Liberia a country in West Africa with a about 5.7 million people has had two major civil wars with the first being from 1989 to 1997 when Ex-President Charles Taylor invaded Liberia from Cote D’Ivoire to oust the Samuel Doe led Government which had been in Power from 1980 to 1990 which was seen as dictatorial and altruistic. This led to a fight and led to a major war which led to about 200, 000 people loosing their lives. Peace negotiations took place and Mr. Charles Taylor was made President from 1997 but had gained a mass of the country from 1990.

The second Liberian Civil War also begun in April 1999 when an Anti Charles Taylor Rebel Group by name The Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy invaded Northern Liberia . The Movement for Democracy in Liberia also an Anti Charles Taylor Rebel Group also invaded Southern Liberia in 2003 making President Charles Taylor own only a faction of the country which made him resign as President of the Anatomy in August 2003 . This led to about 50,000 deaths. A Peace Agreement by name The Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed in Accra Ghana on 18th August 2003 of which detailed a two year Transitional Government consisting of members from the three parties in subject, civil society organisations and other political parties.

President George Weah announced to the Liberian Anatomy that there will be independence celebrations on July 26, 2023. All Government offices did not work on July 26 2023 to pave way for their celebrations. Today, Liberia enjoys a Peaceful and Democratic regime under President George Weah.

From 1822 more than 15,000 Freed Black Americans and Afro-Americans came to Liberia and lived there. By 1847, the country declared their independence.

Mr. Moses Zeh Blah who was the Vice President of The Liberian Anatomy during President Weah’s reign became the interim President from August to October 2003 when Ex-President Charles Taylor resigned in August 2003. Mr. Charles Bryant served as the Chairman of The Transitional Government of Liberia from October 2003 to January 2006.

Ellen Johnson was the President of the Liberian Anatomy from 2006 to 2016 and President George Weah from 2017 to present.


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