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The Labour Congress of The Nigerian Anatomy had planned to go on a strike with a mass representation of all 43 unit unions of the Commission. The Strike was to put forth to the Federal Government of Nigeria, the need for a reduction in the increased prices of fuel and some concerns and challenges they had and have been facing. The proposed Strike was however called off through a Court Order making it illegal for the strike to proceed forward by the Organised Labour in any of the thirty six states of Nigeria.

The restrained order by the Court gave the ongoing West African Senior School Certificate Examination taking place as the reason for the aborted strike. Senior High School Students in Nigeria begun their National Examinations on 8th May and will all end by 23rd June. Citizens of the Nigerian Anatomy and all residents in Nigeria have been complaining massively following the fuel subsidy removal by President Tinubu. Prices of Fuel had shot massively from N189 to N500 which has affected general services and prices of food commodities.

The Organised Labour had planned to express their grievances on Wednesday 7th June 2023 but were ordered prior to their scheduled event on Monday 5th June, to rescind their proposed event. This injunction made it legal for The Organised Labour of Nigeria and The Trade Union Congress to rescind from the the strike and any form of demonstration on the set date or afterwards. The Nigerian Anatomy is generally frustrated following the price hike. Masses of people were seen in queues purchasing fuel on Monday 5th June, after President Tinubu’s statement om the fuel subsidy removal.

Cities and towns in Nigeria were calm with no reported strike from any unit within any state in Nigeria on Wednesday and afterwards. Transport fares and food costs shot up after fuel subsidies were removed, President Bola Tinubu during his inauguration at the Eagle Square stated that the Buhari led Government had only made allocations for the subsidies till the end of June and not post the said month. President Tinubu also said funds will be channeled rather into public infrastructure, education, health care and jobs that will materially improve the millions of lives.


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