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Police from the Kenyan Anatomy have had a hectic time in their country as they clashed with demonstrators who protested in major towns in the country such as Nakuru, Kisumu, Nyeri and Eldoret, where President Ruto resides. The protests begun from 18th June to Friday, 21st June, 2024 following the proposed financial bill in the Kenyan Parliament which according to majority of citizens from the Kenyan Anatomy, were very harsh.

Citizens have been annoyed as there have been tax increases on government salary holders and also in particularly, fuel prices since President Ruto came to power in 2022.

Although there has been the 16% tax scrap on bread and funds have been provided to make about 20,000 teaching interns permanent teachers, there have been other tax hikes. The bill has increased taxes on oil and fuel. A 2.75% levy on salaried workers for the National medical insurance plan has also been enacted.

The protesters are against the tax hikes and are asking President Ruto to work on his pledge of reducing taxes when he was sworn in as President, which seems otherwise in June 2024.

The National Treasury has stipulated that the new proposed taxes could generate about $2.4 billion in the new financial year beginning from 1st July in Kenya.

The Bill was passed by Parliamentarians as majority of Parliamentarians voted in favour of the proposed Bill, and a committee will have a look at a next step of making amendments to the proposed taxes or not. President Ruto has stated that the taxes are meant to decrease borrowing and help in the payments of their debts.

At least 200 people were arrested by the Kenyan Police as the Police fired tear gases against the protesters.


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