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The Ivorian Anatomy won the Confederations of African Football 2023/4 Tournament Finals on Sunday 11th February, 2024. They won by 2 goals to 1 against the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Alassane Quattara Stadium.

The atmosphere on the set day was full of celebrations from both sides as diverse people from different parts of the continent and the world at large were cheering both teams. This win by the Ivorian Anatomy makes it the third time the Elephants have chalked this success in AFCON.

For the Nigerian Anatomy, this is their fifth time they have been defeated in the finals of Afcon. Didier Drogba was full of cheers seeing his side win and also seeing Emerson Faé be the very first manager to take a team to the Finals and win subsequently without beginning with them from the beginning.

One Freedom Giant (Daniel Njienue) from The Nigerian Anatomy said, “There was no fair play in the competition at all, even one of the Senegalese players expressed his displeasure during their last match.”

Another Freedom Giant (Seth Samson) from the Nigerian Anatomy also said, “Today is my first time to watch ball and I was so disappointed. But no problem we got to the finals it’s a thing of joy. We tried. We still remain the giant of Africa. We all are family.”

The Global Freedom Board of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL congratulate the Ivorian Anatomy for winning the 2023/4 AFCON and for staying Relentless to the end. We also congratulate the Nigerian Anatomy for giving in their best and fighting hard to the end. We are One African Anatomy and are all victorious.


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