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The Gabonese Anatomy is the next National Anatomy that has joined the train of ongoing coups by their militaries, as President Ali Bongo has been ousted from power and placed under house arrest on Wednesday, 30th August, 2023. The Military have also stated that Gen. Brice Oligui Nguema, who was the Head of The Presidential Guards in Ex-President Bongo’s reign, will be the new interim Head of State.

The Gabonese Anatomy is also been another country that has been under dictatorial rule for a long time since 1967 when Ex-President Omar Bongo took over power till 2009, when he passed away and handed over the baton to his son Ali Bongo Ondimba after his son was approved by the Gabonese Democratic Party to be the Presidential Candidate for their party after which he won the Elections. President Bongo who won the 2009 Elections and came back in 2016 to also win the August 2016 Elections.

President Ali, Bongo a member of The Gabonese Democratic Party during his late father’s reign was a Minister of Foreign Affairs and also afterwards, Minister of Defense for The Gabonese Anatomy. Under the constitution for the Gabonese Anatomy, any person who places first in a Presidential Elections without even passing a half mark is still declared as President.

President Ali Bongo won a third term in office when he won the 2023 August 26th Elections with 62.7 percent of the votes. He was however ousted on Wednesday 30th August as he was looking forward to lead the National Anatomy for another seven years from then to August 2030. The results was called upon loads of Gabonese citizens as fraudulent filled with many irregularities.

Along the lines of series for coups happening in Africa, one Freedom Giant from The Nigerian Anatomy by name Daniel Njienue said….

“…So, Africans fasten your seat belt, it’s about to race mad!!”


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