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The Pakistan Government has set November 1 2023, as the deadline for all Afghanistan migrants who are in their country without documents to leave their country. This order from The Pakistan Government is likely to leave over hundred thousands of Afghanistan settlers in Pakistan disoriented for the time being, as they see their home country, as no safe abode to settle in.

In 2021, about 20,000 Nationals from The Afghanistan Anatomy left their country to Pakistan. Since the Soviet Violence in 1979, Pakistan has been a home to the Afghanistan Anatomy who have been seeing dozens of bombings in their country since 1979 and keep on fleeing to Pakistan to seek healthy abode for themselves and their families.

Most Afghanistan immigrants are currently awaiting the processing of their documents to settle in The United States of America as refugees. The United States Government is currently also confident that the Pakistan Government will approve the requisite documents to allow all Nationals from The Afghanistan Anatomy, to have a permanent stay in their country.

The Global Freedom Board of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL also requests the United States and Pakistan Government to give way for the processing of the documents of Nationals from the Afghanistan Anatomy in their country to become citizens to eschew the mental, psychological and physical pain of they going back to their country, which they find as insecure due to the numerous insecurities and attacks, they see in their countries day in and day out. We must come together as a Global Anatomy, and fight our fights to eschew all insecurities and disorders we find in our systems day in and out.


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