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Freedom Giant Tyrone Marghuy (Center) with Freedom Giant Joshua Mighty (Left) and Freedom Legend Dzifanu Pidio (Right) at THE ONE AFRICA FREEDOM DIALOGUE on INJUSTICES REVEALED in 2022 at Shiashie-Accra.

The state of anomalies we continue to see in our continent continues to keep on accelerating whilst the actual social vices like prostitution, armed robbery and indecent dressing are being ignored. Social Injustices such as racial discriminations and Gender inequality have been the order of the day. However the Relentlessness of Freedom Giants have been able to sustain the Rejuvenation of innocent ones. Tyrone Iras Marhguy and Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea were two Students who were denied admission to a Senior High School in Ghana because the Board of Governors claimed these two students’ rasta breached the school’s code of conduct. This led to The Rastafarian Students Association dragging the School to Court and in the aftermath, the Court issued a ruling for the school to admit the students.

Freedom Giant Tyrone Marghuy, a member of AFRICAN VOICES INTERNATIONAL from The Ghanaian Anatomy, begun school very late due to the court proceedings. In his first term school, he only sat for their examinations whilst all other students had begun from day one of their admission.

Freedom Giant Tyrone Marghuy was ridiculed by a section of people from The Ghanaian Anatomy yet he remained Relentless. Today he stands as one of the delegates representing the school for The National Science and Mathematics Quiz; a yearly quiz organised in Ghana, which brings Senior High Schools in Ghana to engage in a contest on Science and Mathematics quizes. Freedom Giant Tyrone Marghuy who was rejected by his own school, now stands out as a delegate representing his school, because of his Brilliance.

This story should teach all sundry and encourage all Freedom Giants to stand Tall and not settle for less as far we are doing the right thing. Let us Proactively Transform the Global Anatomy.


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